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Fight4Life Survival 1.13.2

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avatar macsorj
Level 6 : Apprentice Engineer
Fight4Life Survival 1.13.2
Status Online! Pinged: 11/20/18
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13
Connect With

- No paid ranks!

- Toxic people and chat messages are automatically blocked and filtered

- MCMMO: Gives special abilities! Compete with other players for a higher level.

- Uses Grief Prevention so land is completely protected from all kinds of damage

- TNT is disabled above ground to keep the terrain looking nice!

- Land claims can be subdivided so that other people can purchase or rent (great for running cities!)

- Different permissions can be set on land claims (ex: grant access to containers but no permission to build)

- Siege: /siege allows you to attack a player who is in their land claim.
If you succeed in killing them, you can take any items they were carrying, and have a small period of time to access their containers. If defending from an attacker, you can choose either to fight, or to wait until your opponent gives up and leaves.

- You can't siege an offline player or someone who is not on their own land.

- Huge shop with all the items you need!

- Auction house (/auc)

- Safely trade items and money using the command /trade

- Rank up by playing for a certain amount of time on the server. Each rank has its own kit with weapons, armor, and more! AFK doesn't count!

- Entire trees can be cut down by simply chopping the bottom

We hope you have a great time on our server! IP: MC.FIGHT4LIFE.TK

Join our Discord at discordapp.com/invite/d3AdnKQ

Visit our website at mc.fight4life.tk
CreditTheCrafterGirl, Abomb2002, xXZachTheKingXx, Kazuto_KirigayaX, LeoTheGam3r, ZombieSlyer32, Muntril123, JaguarCupCake, LittleCarrie, Queen_Asuna, Marty445, Oeia1021, NoHaxJustDrake

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