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The Realms of Wolfia: RPG-Inspired, Lore-Driven Survival Server

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Published on 7/25/2016 - 7/25/16 4:57 pm , last updated: 12/06/17 9:56:47 pm

Server Info : RID 2561043

The Realms of Wolfia: RPG-Inspired, Lore-Driven Survival Server
Status: Offline Pinged: 02/19/18
Game Version:Minecraft 1.12.2
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“Twälo ec cweso, tog ëm segural fa pëoɽä dendal ëoɽä!”

“Greetings and Welcome, join us on our server.”

IP: WolfiaMC.com - Server Online 24/7 - Everybody is welcome!

Live Map: Map.WolfiaMC.com - Website: WolfiaMC.com - Twitter: @Wolfia_MC

The Realms of Wolfia is an RPG-inspired, lore-driven Minecraft server.

On your first night, Wolfia is a seemingly normal survival server. Go mining, build a house, work with (or against) other players, and explore.

But as you start to explore the land, you will discover its stories and secrets: from the werewolf descendants of Waramon (for which the world is named), to the people of Eborin, to the dragons and other creatures of Runnach and Sholkingham.

The world includes one large main continent, the Akenlands, which is divided into two regions: Waramon (southwest) and Eborin (northeast). Each region has it's own government and culture. The starting city, Intwil, is located in Waramon. There are many smaller towns spread across the land.

Outside of the Akenlands, is the lawless wilderness regions: Sholkingham (north) and Runnach (south). Very little of these lands have been explored, as very few dare to step outside of the civilized Akenlands. Griefing and raiding is allowed anywhere within the oceans of Runnach and Sholkingham.

While still a work-in-progress, our questing system will reveal the stories of artifacts and buildings across all four regions. We've spent countless hours writing extensive lore, telling the story of the Alchemists that discovered the lands, and the Wolf Lord that created civilization as we know it.

We use several custom-crafted plugins for a totally unique experience. RealmsCore is our roleplaying framework, and provides a simple, yet extensive realms/nations/holds system. RealmsStory brings the world to life, with dynamic quests and characters, that actually recognize who you are and respond accordingly. Our upcoming magic system lets you design and equip your own spells. Warpstones is our unique fast travel system, letting you quickly return to previously visited locations. We also have TARDIS, fully available to all players, no restrictions or required ranks.

RealmsCore Updates : 11/16/2017 9:55:37 pm11/16/17

City of Aberdeen, Eborin

Our custom roleplaying plugin, RealmsCore, has received a variety of new features! For those who are not aware, a realm represents a nation or faction in the world of Wolfia.

You can now send messages to other members of your realm with /msg realm <message…>

Realm leaders, you’re now in control! Invite and kick people from your realm, change the colour, tagline, and name of your realm, and assign titles to players.
If you have sub-realms under your rule, you can do all of this stuff to that realm too.

/realm <realm name> <invite/kick/addofficer/removeofficer> <players…>
/realm <realm name> set <color/fullname/tagline> <new data…>
/realm <realm name> title <player> <new title…>

I’m still working on a system for creating new realms. Until then, you can let me know in-game if you’d like to start your own realm.

Magic : 05/17/2017 4:49:11 pm5/17/17

We've recently started testing our all-new custom Magic plugin. This plugin features Skills and Spells based around the four ancient tribes of Wolfia: Warg, Eborite, Sholk, and Rhun.

Skills are passive abilities; once unlocked, they are always active. Spells are a little more interesting, once unlocked, you can equip them, and cast them from either empty hand. They are very interesting in PvP because they provide unique benefits, however you can only have one equipped at a time so you must choose wisely!

Here are some of the skills and spells we have planned:
  • Blocking: block an attack

  • Earthmover: boost your mining speed

  • Levitate: rise into the air and temporarily fly

  • Earth Cage: encase an enemy in earthly blocks

  • Heal: regain health instantly

  • Timber: knock down trees quickly

  • Blaze: shoot fire

  • Toxin Strike: poison a target

  • Smite: strike lightning!

  • Fangs: Attack an enemy with evoker fangs

  • Assassin: no death message when target is killed

  • Shroud: turn invisible for a short time

  • Peace: stop PvP in a small radius

  • Item Rift: Open your Ender chest anywhere

We're looking for more ideas, if you have any more, please tell us!

All skills and spells are unlocked by earning XP in each of the four branches of magic. While we're still working on the skills and spells, you can already start earning XP in-game. Your normal Minecraft XP counts towards each branch, plus there are some more specific ways to get XP, such as killing players (Rhun), enchanting (Eborite), and farming (Sholk).

A few players have been testing out the new spells, and we're having quite a bit of fun with them! They definitely make PvP much more interesting. I can't wait to finish and show off the plugin to the rest of you!

Yongaron : 02/12/2017 8:07:58 pm2/12/17

A new town, Yongaron, has been seeing a lot of activity recently. It is located in Sholkingham, the northern wilderness.

The name Yongaron means "old wall", referring to the mountains that surround the town.

The castle was built with the help of Eborin, and is home to King CT05. While Sholkingham is a "lawless" region where raiding is allowed, it would be unwise to raid Yongaron given how well defended it is.

If you'd like to visit or live in Yongaron yourself, log onto the server with IP WolfiaMC.com and head north until you reach the north Sholkingham ocean. Then, get in a boat and head north until you reach Yongaron. You can use the livemap to help find it (http://map.wolfiamc.com/).

The New Exploration Era : 02/03/2017 8:50:52 pm2/03/17

It's been a while since the last bump here, but we've been doing plenty of stuff in Wolfia. We've been exploring the mainland (the Akenland) and beyond, so much that we're calling this a new Exploration Era.

We're looking for players to help build and run some small towns on the outskirts of Waramon.

If you're interested, come on the server and let me know!

We've also made some improvements to our unique Warpstone (fast travel) system. You can now set home warpstones and return to them at any time.

The Aerin Isles (in the south Runnach ocean) have also been seeing a lot of activity, including many buildings and a new quest. The council of Aerin is also looking for new players to join them.

As always, the IP is WolfiaMC.com. We're looking forward to seeing some new faces!

The Warcaston Arena : 07/27/2016 4:05:24 pm7/27/16

Working on the Warcaston Arena. It is modular and customizable for a variety of events, and can be fully automated. Right now, we have simple PvP matches set up.

The Arena from the outside. It's located near the medieval-themed town of Warcaston. On the left you can see the City of Aberdeen, and on the upper right, the City of Intwil.

The Arena floor. This area can be totally redesigned for any type of event, including games such as Spleef! The arena also includes a Weapon Shop d potion bar, so you can prepare yourself before jumping into the arena lobby.

The Arena Control Room. Events can be overseen and customized from this room. This room is open to all players, so anyone can design their own events (to a certain extent). For even more customization, there is the Configuration Room underneath, however most of this is limited to admins only (for now!).

All the Redstone that powers the arena. As you can see, there's a lot of command blocks! Right now it's a bit of a mess, but it works.

I'm thinking about doing a tournament-style event on the weekend, if we get enough players! If you are interested, join the server and come visit the Arena.

Type /arena while in game to instantly warp to the arena. As mentioned above, the IP is WolfiaMC.com

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The ip won't work for me
Plz help
Enter realmsof.wolfiamc.com into the server address box.
If that doesn't work, what error does it show?

Can you get on our live map website? http://map.wolfiamc.com/
wat texture pack is that also good server
The texture pack is SMP's Revival. It hasn't been updated for newer Minecraft versions, but we're in the process of updating it ourselves. You can download the older version off our website (distributed with the original creator's permission): http://wolfiamc.com/help/resourcepacks/

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