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Zesty PvP - 1.13.2 - Factions

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avatar Melidian
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Zesty PvP - 1.13.2 -  Factions
Status Offline Pinged: 03/23/19
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13
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Server Information
Zesty PvP is a Minecraft Anarchy & Factions server. As an anarchy server pretty much anything goes including griefing, stealing, scamming, etc. We don't want an unfair experience though and that's why mods and hacked clients are strictly forbidden except Minimap Mod and OptiFine. This server is run by a group of friends who truly just want to bring you an epic and fun Minecraft experience. The server is based in the US and is run with 8gbs of dedicated memory, we still have the player cap at 40 though due to being a new server.

- Essentials (/home /warp /tpa)
- Factions
- McMMO (Gives more of an rpg like experience to minecraft)
- KillerMoney (Mobs drop money for shops)
- ChestShop (Player made shops)
- AuthMe (Provides better security for the players)
- RandomTeleport (Lets you /rtp to a random location in the wilderness)

- Anarchy Style (Griefing, Scamming, Stealing allowed)
- No begging staff
- No exploiting
- Cursing is allowed (Racism wont be tolerated)
- No mods or hacked clients (Minimap and OptiFine are exceptions)

How To Join
To join just simply type in our servers IP address into Minecraft and click connect! Once on the server you'll have to register using
/register yourchoiceofpasswordhere

The IP Is: zestypvp.us.to

You can also register on our website at https://zestypvpmc.enjin.com to claim the Member rank!

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