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-Forest dryad-

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Dryads, mythical, beautiful maidens wich are, kind of, myths. They live in the forest and can "be" trees, plants and animals to fulfill only one purpose: Protect the woods they and many animals live in and are part of. This can be by harming and helping human civilians. But, they can also fall in love with humans, what mostly ends up with two broken harts, as they live in two, different worlds and can't part with it. All this makes Dryads good characters in many stories...

Heyaz to all! I love mythical creatures and stories, and I really wanted to "experiment" with different kinds of shadings and colours, especially the arms and legs! Though you might think she wears a torn apart robe, she actually is half tree and wears leaves and cherries in her hair as decoration... I hope you like her, and if you do, please, give her a like or a comment (I LOVE comments ^o^) and if you have ANY tips or tricks for me to improve my skinning skills, be sure to let me know :D


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