Ana of the Apocalypse Minecraft Skin

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Ana of the Apocalypse

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It's been a persistent peeve of mine that I haven't been able to pull off a 'robe and armour' skin to complete satisfaction. It's the contrast of smoothish plates and folded, creased fabrics, I think. It's a good vibe. I've tried it a few times but it doesn't quite come to fruition, and I'll drop aspects of the skin just to wrap it up and upload it.

Done is better than perfect, after all.

Thought I'd give it another go with the 2121 theme. Bit of a pessimistic take: humanity falls into ruin, rivers run dry, forests turn to desert. In a nutshell - Mad Max, but far enough into the future where some tech took hold before... I dunno, whichever catacylsm.

Worked from the images below, plus some input from some compadres on Stream Server.

Ana of the Apocalypse Minecraft Skin

About two or three attempts came and went, and I just wasn't happy with how the colours or the composition were coming together. Sad! So I resolved greatly simplify the design and work on my colours, which've rusted plenty. Maybe I'll reattempt the 'robe and armour' concept another day.

I'm fairly used to doing human faces, so I went with that over a helmet. More room to focus on colours. I'm a fan of HazelOrb's, and I wanted to peruse his skins to see how his colours work - Mando and Bigby in particular. Don't think I'll be wholly replicating their colours any time soon, but studying these skins helped me reflect on my own approach to colour.

There we have it. The future is bleak, lifeless and unrelentingly hot. The people of the future will look a bit like our Ana, and maybe the people in the designs below; clad in drab robes, sunburnt flesh, adorned in a mix of past and improvised technology (of which Ana visibly lacks but oh well).

Ana of the Apocalypse Minecraft Skin

Good luck to the entrants of the 2121 contest - we look forward to seeing the finalists.
Creditinput: thatguyjake, dragonsdungeon; reference: hazelorb
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