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Azul - Online Persona | UkuleleNinja

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UkuleleNinja avatar UkuleleNinja
Level 44 : Master Cake
Hope you guys enjoy this! :)
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Age: 24 | Race: Draenei (Alien Satyr type) | Class: Paladin | Attack style: Paladins mostly focus on special attacks and healing, but she focuses on her surroundings more (Defense) and of course healing once in a while. ) | Personality: Sharp, Energetic, Wacky, Crazy, enjoys going on killing sprees. (Of course, only kills baddies) Enjoys swinging her hammer at random baddies (sometimes she doesn't even notice ) | Likes: Popcorn ( +60 HP overtime ) Refreshing Spring Water (+100 mana overtime) | Hates: Corn ( - 90 HP overtime until fully consumed like other foods, takes longer swallowing it if she hates it. Also ironic), Hot Water ( - 120 mana overtime, irony is real)
Whenever there is a game with a alien goat type, I like to use Azul. And even more if there's a paladin/ hammer class.

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