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Captain Phoebus

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Captain Phoebus Minecraft Skin

happy Valintine's day everyone

yes it's that time of year again and well a lot might be woundering what Djali requested for me to make...........

well i'll tell u it was a lifelike, Captain Phoebus minecraft skin and i say i did a impressive job, it took me all day to make and well i had some gaming to go along as well, some me time but well it's Valintine's day and well happy valintine's day everyone and Fanny who be seeing this hehe :3 i wish u come back soon, i been sending u dms here. i miss when u made me smile and i did the same, hope to see u soon,,,,,,anyways this skin is lifelike and perfect for all your minecraft server's and maps and worlds so i hope u enjoy it as much as i had enjoyed making it :3 also it's a kingdom hearts skin thought i added that tidbit in for u all.
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