Experimental error [Land of Insects minecraft contest] Minecraft Skin

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Experimental error [Land of Insects minecraft contest]

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Vaedak's Avatar Vaedak
Level 48 : Master Artist
Research notes , unknown author , Arkham town police exhibits n°39178 , ano 1908 :

1907 , November the 12rh ~~ The substance obtained by cutting the abdomen of the weird greenish insect is reacting with living tissues , I tested it on a mouse .... ~~

1907 , December the 20th ~~ The result with the mouse test are ... absolutely amazing ! But grim at the point , the mouse turned into an hybrid of mouse and the insect , I may try it on a bigger subject ~~

1908 ,Januar the 6th ~~ I secretly kidnaped the dog of old farmer Owen , he is a middle aged dog and may be perfect for this second test on a living animal ~~

1908 , February the 1th ~~ The dog finally turned into an alienish beast , unlike the mouse it had devellopped some alien glowing bag , I never had seen such kind of green ... Owen declared the disappearance of is dog to the state police station ~~

1908 , February the 12th ~~ The last night the dog had bark like hell , that was dreadful , I beggin to ask myself if it was a really brillant idea to do this experiment , I assume police had noticed my little night travels and think there is more than just a dog in this case , they must think I am part of some sort of criminal group ... I have to be vigilant now .~~

1908 , February the 20th ~~ The police officiers have beggin search of the dog near of my house ! The devil is with Ol'Owen , this night I will hide the dog into an old shack by the countryside ... ~~

1908 , February the 20th (by night) ~~ Damn ! This stupid dog began barking loudly when I take him and his cage into my car , I need to hurry I do think the flares I seen not so far on the road were police's car one ! ....[ ] .... I do think I have lost the police chase ... bad news the dog have flee by spiting some sort of glowing green substance on the cage ... ~~

1908 , February the 26th ~~ I beggin to fear the worst .... last night Ol'Owen suddenly disappeared .... and I feel sick , I fear I accidentaly0 had touched the substance that's damned night ... my left arm's skin have beggin to peel .... ~~

Last notes . This case has been closed , lack of clues .

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09/07/2019 10:27 am
Level 35 : Artisan Mage
Grymslie's Avatar
very interesting, I love it!
09/06/2019 3:06 pm
Level 48 : Master Artist
Vaedak's Avatar
Thanks you !
09/06/2019 2:29 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Zombie
PLEASEdeleteAccountNow's Avatar
Fantastic concept, well done!