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gαy - I'm numb - OC

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Level 28 : Expert Prince
woo another OC thingy, shes insane and in a mental hospital but i love her sm shes so precious
gαy - I'm numb - OC Minecraft Skin
Name: Anako Hukana
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Illnesses: Chronic Insomnia, Antisocial Personality Disorder,
Backstory: Anako was a single child in a loving family, not many relatives, her only relatives were either dead or across the world. She had supportive parents and no connections or obvious reasons for her psychotic break which lead her to killing her parents. Akono started self-harming at a even younger age of 9. Was diagnosed with her disorders and was put on medication immediately but the dose she took was too strong and did nothing and made it worse. Her insomnia, causing her to lose much needed sleep, made her more violent than ever, her parents stressed out and concerned over her, they were controlling her and trying their best to keep her from harming her classmates. A teacher of hers found her holding a knife to her classmates throat. She was expelled after that and put into a charter school. A month after such she went to the charter school after hours and put up pictures she printed of her bleeding from self harm and other such gore. She also had printed out paragraphs explaining her lack of emotion since the beginning and claiming that she had killed many more, and then going on to explain she was about to kill her parents. The next morning police quickly arrived at her house to find her laying over her mothers cut up dead body sleeping as if she was in a bed. The police quickly woke her up and she soon realized what was happening and grabbed the knife that was lunged into her fathers throat and attempted to swing it sloppily at one of the police officers, she failed of course and was soon sedated and she woke up to a interrogation and she explained everything, that which leading her to a Asylum that she is currently in.


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05/25/2017 6:11 pm
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Oh my, I love her! Her story is so creative!
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