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Garnet - Steven Universe

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Miss Shadowz's Avatar Miss Shadowz
Retired Moderator
Level 53 : Grandmaster Artist
I apologise for any inaccuracies depicted, this is a minecraft skin.

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01/11/2017 10:21 am
Level 71 : Legendary Unicorn
McHorse's Avatar
Are you sure that you're not a computer, because it looks like this skin was generated randomly by a computer... :D

Anyways, the colors of the skin are really eye appealing. Great job! :)
01/09/2017 6:07 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Fox
Foxxeyy's Avatar
ahhhh im so late, but this skin is the best Garnet one so far. I don't think its the most accurate, and the way you even more pixelate 32x32 makes it even more abstract, and even still with that happening this depicts the character way better than the accurate skin of this character.

I think its also innovative that you actually focused on the entirety of the skin and not just on the center piece, which happens to be the sunglasses, and actually took the essence of that center piece all across the skin in a non-overwhelming way, which was balanced by pixelating the shading.

So, from reading the comments below, I'd say this is pretty good "appropriation", or more properly, a good translation from the original character into pixel art and as a skin.

Pretty good job :p
10/15/2016 10:03 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Botanist
mitties's Avatar
rubies are red. sapphires are blue. when you put them together. they're stronger than you. o-o
10/03/2016 6:04 am
Level 20 : Expert Toast
Harrison_'s Avatar
The use of colors seem very, very interesting....

.... I love it.
The Magnolian
09/24/2016 2:17 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
The Magnolian's Avatar
...I don't get it. It looks absolutely nothing like Garnet or any other recognizable figure. Maybe it's just the way you shaded it but to be honest it's a little hard to tell what it is. Your other skins are nice, though.
Miss Shadowz
09/24/2016 5:57 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Artist
Miss Shadowz's Avatar
I honestly don't care if what I'm depicting looks like the reference or not. It's appropriation, not an exact replica of garnet compacted into the pixels of a minecraft skin.
The Magnolian
09/24/2016 10:23 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
The Magnolian's Avatar
Geez, why all the defensiveness all of a sudden? I was just leaving a comment. Comments =/= compliments; they are the thoughts of the public on a work that one has submitted. Mine was reasonable criticism, not an insult. If that's the tone you're going to take when someone leaves a message about your work and it's not sucking up to you then I'm not sure if you should submit your work online... :/

Anyways, if the skin is supposed to represent a character from a show, then it should look at least a bit like it's reference. I think I understand how you tried to shade it with the colors, but maybe if there were more subtle transitions between hues the skin would be more recognizable. Doesn't have to be exact; after all, art is not simply copying from a source (although I'm not sure if MC skins can be considered "art"). I'm just saying that your skin is a little hard to make out.
Miss Shadowz
09/24/2016 11:04 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Artist
Miss Shadowz's Avatar
I'm just happy with how the skin turned out, even if it's overboard i've been mostly experimenting with colour and style, i don't mind criticism i'm just not going to change it. I'm sorry if i came across as rude, that wasn't the intention. I think the highlights in particular could be changed in terms of staying true to the reference material, and I will probably change that in future skins.
The Magnolian
09/25/2016 12:45 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
The Magnolian's Avatar
Well, I was just pointing out what I thought could be edited for future reference. I meant no offense by leaving my thoughts here, so I apologize if I seemed impolite at first. It's good to experiment with different styles, though!

Anyways, have a good day.
09/24/2016 7:11 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Prince
Juno's Avatar
Your originality in your shading is impeccable, amazing skin ;w;
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