Here's another completely pointless skin to show that I'm alive Minecraft Skin
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Here's another completely pointless skin to show that I'm alive

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Havingfun_ISKEY's Avatar Havingfun_ISKEY
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Princess
So yeah...I'm still alive, people, and I have some stuff to let you know about.

- Things on PMC the past couple of days have been...interesting. They're not things I can tell the general public about, but know that I am fine and moving forward.

- I am a lazy blogger. To prove that I actually made progress on the blog, however, I'm going to be releasing parts 3 and 4 together at once instead of at two separate intervals.

- I've been spending some of my time recently on making renders for my art blog again, especially for Yandere Simulator. Speaking of which, I've actually remade a whole bunch of the skins in the description of my Yandere-chan skin, but I don't think I'm allowed to use the update log for alts, so if you're interested, you're going to have to check back on the skin every now and then.

- I'm not dying in school! Yay!

- Some of you have been wondering why I'm making Sister Location skins when I have an EXTREMELY passionate dislike of the game. It's a long and complicated story, but I'll condense it considerably for you:

Nostalgia. Back in my very early days on the site, I made a bunch of crappily-made FNAF 2 skins. Since of course Sister Location has the unoriginal characters known as Funtime Foxy and Freddy, these skins are kind of like a throwback to those times. It's just a nice reminder of how much I've grown and changed since then.

Renders. I'm planning on actually doing some stuff with these skins in renders I'm making, since once again I used to make FNAF renders (FNAF 4 specifically) and it's just nice to see a glimpse of my past.

- I'm up against PureNerd for PBL, please help me.

- I've recently learned (and by recently I mean approximately ten minutes ago) that some friends of mine are feeling discouraged to make their own Sister Location skins because of already-existing ones, like mine. I just want to throw a friendly reminder that PMC isn't about competition, no matter how some people try to make it seem that way. There is literally nothing stopping you from making something that you truly want to. Even if some people have already made "well made" versions of the characters, have a go at making them for yourself! You're not wasting space, you're not contributing to a lost cause, it doesn't even matter if your skins get popular. Hey, my FNAF 2 skins were HORRIBLE when I released them, but just because I saw Legoskeleton and Aeropulse had made their skins before mine, I still did it because it was fun and I had a passion for it.

Thanks for listening, guys. I'll be on chat as much as possible, even though it's basically dead.


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10/26/2016 10:20 pm
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Dangit I was gonna make an in depth blog about how I was gonna have a funeral for you and everything

At least you're alive
And killed my plans

This is all just a joke btw lol
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