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This Skin is an entry in the completed Monster in the Closet Skin Contest.

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Kroompus [contest]

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Axolotine avatar Axolotine
Level 32 : Artisan Miner
Containment Procedures:

Subject currently resides at o o o o o o o o . Subject is to be handcuffed as a result of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject is to be kept in a confined cell at all times and fed a diet consisting of vegetables. It is not to be talked to under any circumstances. Eye contact should not be made.

Due to the nature of the Subject, all personnel must:
  • Not show a history of extreme avarice
  • Not be exposed to o o o o o o o o before entering the Test Chamber
  • Show prior courage in a combat situation
  • Wear noise cancelling gear


Interrogation reveals the subject prefers to be called "Kroompus", whether the name is a joke remains to be discovered. No other personal information has been explained. Subject stands at the height of 2 meters, it is covered with shaggy blue fur. It looks not dissimilar from the mythological goblin. It is known to shamble aimlessly around its cell. However, if it makes eye contact with personnel or the person talks to it, the subject's behavior begins to change. The subject begins to press itself on the cell walls, telling the personnel it wants to make a deal. At this point, all security personnel available should be called to the door outside of the cell. Hearing the Subject's voice unshielded has shown to have a negative effect on the sanity of the listener. They immediately enter a delirious, delusional state where whatever the subject says is treated as fact.

Past "deals" the subject has made are as follows:
  • o o o o o o in exchange for release
  • One wish in exchange for release
  • Puppies in exchange for release
  • The entirety of all Nintendo published merchandise in exchange for release
  • Ten tons of gold in exchange for release
  • An enchanted sword in exchange for release
  • "Killing your boss" in exchange for release

In every situation, after the personnel release the subject, the subject instantly crushes them and eats them. It should be noted that after they die, if their deal included an item in exchange, the item appears over the location of said personnel's corpse after death, as soon as no one is looking. Any meat that the subject eats, be it human or otherwise, seems to increase its strength at an abnormal rate. It is unknown whether there is a limit to its strength.

ADDENDUM: Succeeding EVENT-o o o o -o o , greedy test subjects are no longer to be used in exchange for the money they leave after death. The cell door will be replaced with reinforced concrete as soon as possible. - Dr. o o o o o o

Subject History:


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04/22/2014 4:21 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
creativitycomesnaturally avatar
10/17/2012 9:36 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Creeper
_CandyCane_ avatar
So cute!!!! Omg! :D
09/08/2012 9:22 am
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
TetraGC avatar
Dang it Adam, Why ya gotta be better than me
09/09/2012 7:53 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Miner
Axolotine avatar
I've been doing it for longer! Just keep at it, and you'll be as good as me or even better!
09/09/2012 7:55 pm
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
TetraGC avatar
Also, y u no ever be on PMC chat. :3
09/09/2012 7:54 pm
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
TetraGC avatar
Q~Q Thanks bro.
09/08/2012 7:02 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Skinner
noanorsu avatar
i think this is better than winner! (this skin is winner to me!)
09/09/2012 7:52 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Miner
Axolotine avatar
haha, thanks!
09/06/2012 2:31 pm
Level 42 : Master Unicorn
ampmonster avatar
This one deffinetly should have won!
09/06/2012 6:20 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Miner
Axolotine avatar
I made it into the top ten, though!
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