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Origami Tobiichi [Date A Live]

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Origami is a top student in terms of grades in her entire school as well as a very athletic person. Of course, none of the student body and facility members know that she is a member of the AST with a few exceptions unknown to her. Origami is a very skilled wizard but she is also a little reckless when it comes to dealing with spirits in combat.

For unknown reasons, Origami is romantically interested in Shidou, no one knows why but her. Her devotion towards him has caused her to develop stalker habits, such as sniffing his gym clothes. Shidou is also the only one that knows Origami is part of AST that she knows of for an outsider that is not related to any military institutions. For unexplained reason yet to be stated by the novel, Origami also trusts Shidou in very high degree to the point as if she taking order from a commander in the military.





Origami is a person that rarely openly talks with other people unless needed, with only a few exceptions such asShido Itsuka (where the novels have yet state why she is interested in him romantically, unknown to him of course) and Tohka Yatogami (Rival, in many ways). She is not a shy person but more of an unsocial type of person; a bit reckless or aggressive if she has a goal or purpose to fulfill.

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Why blue?? not white
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At first it look's ok but then hmm and then that's ok. . .
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