{RCE} *skiiinnnn titleeeeee* Minecraft Skin
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{RCE} *skiiinnnn titleeeeee*

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PickleCat avatar PickleCat
Level 46 : Master Kitten
this is an entry for Chaotic Stupid's Reshade contest!

version without the colour-hue/tint
im actually really in love with this version,
im just really storn between the two version haha
if you want you can also count this as an entry??

{RCE} *skiiinnnn titleeeeee* Minecraft Skin

{RCE} *skiiinnnn titleeeeee* Minecraft Skin

okay speedy desc
i reeeeallyyyy need to stop leaving things to the last minute/deadline
anyway vroom time

i don't have time to actually write so here's the desc lol
uhhhh, but i do have to say,
this was suuuuuppeeerr fun to do!
at first i struggled a bit with the shirt shading, n' colours for it as well as the scarf etc
but once i managed those the rest was pretty easy and fun!
(ignoring the part were i re-do the pallet for the orange side of the hair for the 4th or 6th time literally)
also you may have noticed the shirt shading is not something I've done before!
again im testing with a more realistic shading style,
and the shirt shading is apart of that experiment :]
im actually really happy with how it turned out
of course it's probably not the best it could be
but hey i just need to keep trying till i get somethin i like!

also im trying to do less of the

also i haven't a clue how to actual hek to shade shorts,
im still sorting out short shading overall lol
but anyway,
enjoy! :D

Original for Comparison
Offical Bloopins Re-shade Minecraft Skin

01/25/2021 6:42 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Skinner
Chaotic Stupid
Chaotic Stupid avatar
Thanks for entering! I like it :)
01/26/2021 9:10 am
Level 46 : Master Kitten
PickleCat avatar
i enjoyed it! and thank you :D
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