Roman Praefectus Septimus Minecraft Skin
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Roman Praefectus Septimus

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This is a skin I've made while experimenting with some new historical details for Roman skins based on a few different images of historical reconstructions and reenactments I've seen around and editing some existing skins I've got. My hope is to start putting out more Roman skins involving a vibrant selection of colors and details that would've been accurate to that time period.

I've called this skin a Praefectus but it could really be used for any type of Roman military officer, given his nicer cloak, pants, striped tunic, and the iconic soldiers belt. This would be considered accurate for a Roman soldier from roughly the 1st century BC to the 2nd century AD.

Feel free to use this skin for anything you want and pull whatever parts off it for other skins.
CreditStugace, Father_Samuel

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