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Tohka Yatogami [Date A Live]

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When Tohka first appeared on Earth, she was already under attack from the AST. That is also the same timeShido encounters Tohka and later discovers the real reason behind the space quake. The next time Tohka encounters the boy known as Shidou, she was again under the attack of the AST. During Tohka and Shido's belief conversation on their second encounter, Shido gives Tohka her name. During their third encounter in which they went on a date, Shido explains to Tohka that not all humans are like the AST out to get her. It was during this time, the third encounter, that Tohka had her power sealed by Shido after they got interrupted by the AST.

After having her power sealed, Tohka was still unstable and it could go off any moment mainly her emotion which she doesno t understand or know how to deal with it; but thank to some consulting from Reine and some vague reassuring words from Shido, Tohka has calm down much on her emotion known as jealousy. After being sealed, Tohka started attending the same school, grades, and class as Shido thanks to the help from Ratatoskr. She made friends while at school but at the same time she sees Origami who was also at the same school and classroom as her and Shido as an enemy (in many ways). Tohka is currently living in an apartment complex made by Ratatoskr for Spirits near where Shido lives.




Tohka is a girl with dark purple hair and pupils which are colored dark blue on the top half and a mix of pink and pale yellow on the bottom half. Shido described her as o an impossibly beautiful girl.o

Upon her arrival on Earth, she wears a dress with a black, cream and pink color scheme and a set of purple-and-cream plated armor which adorns her shoulders and waist. The dress is open at the back, and made up of a black corset which exposes some of her cleavage and a two-layered knee-length skirt which has a pink-to-white gradient. Her hair is tied back using a butterfly-shaped hair accessory and a pair of gauntlets which has petal-like cuufs, both sharing the same color scheme as her attire, and wears a pair of armored boots.

Upon her admission to Raizen High School, she adopts the uniform of the said school, although she wears a skirt similar to the dress she wore upon her arrival.

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Um im sorry it looks weird
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You should make Tohka in school uniform :D
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