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Venator Nebula | FishKiss' Wordplay Contest

Venator Nebula | FishKiss' Wordplay Contest Minecraft Skin
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avatar Auri
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There's no such thing as a Venator Nebula afaik - it just sounds cool.

This is my entry into Fishkiss' Wordplay contest - check it out, very cool concept! Basically there's a wall of words that Fish has published, you gotta pick two-three of them and make a skin based on your interpretation of those words.

I took an extra risk and spun a wheel to decide my three words at random. They were:
- stars
- masked
- arcane

Wasn't really feeling my very first attempt so I went with an analagous approach with three skins I liked
- Nighthearted's Nótt miss her skinmaking, those were rad
- Jake's Foreign Science
- Canday's in the depths of your eyes

... the commonality in all three being the colour blue, lights, robes, and lots and lots of diamonds.

I started out with a nice spacey palette with bright blues that lead into deep purples with subtle reds thrown in. The ring pattern on the mask/cowl came next, was thinking of celestial bodies and later found that nebulas best fit the image in my head. Finally I put together the robes cause they're easily assocaited with magic, the arcane, etc.

You might've noticed a lot of dresses, robes, tunics, etc. in my recent skins. I usually do them cos they look good and require less effort than one might think. Well, maybe. I don't know you o-o

CreditNighthearted, ThatGuyJake, Canday, DragonsDungeon

07/23/2020 8:17 am
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very hawt
07/23/2020 3:17 am
Level 22 : Expert Artist
very pog
07/23/2020 3:20 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Skinner
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