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Lord Trilobite's Norsecraft

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kyctarniq avatar kyctarniq
Level 84 : Elite Meme
Ragnarok is nigh!

The 1.10 version sees some major but subtle changes. After receiving a great many requests for some new iron and diamond armour, I have updated them. I really try to leave the textures from the original artists untouched but the requests have been very convincing. I tried many variants and finally decided keep as true to the base concepts was best. I hope you like them.

The horses are now in the stables and the armour polished for battle! It took me three attempts to finally get the armour as true to the spirit of LTN as I wished. I am pleased with these. Charge!!!!!

Lord Trilobite created this excellent work of art. It has been languishing since 1.6. I finally found a way to contact Lord Trilobite and he gave permission to bring it up to date (see the comments in the original thread link above). What a pleasure to work with these textures.

Norsecraft is simply excellent and I hope you enjoy playing with this resource pack as much as I did making the new textures.

Lord Trilobite's Norsecraft Minecraft Texture Pack
PLEASE DIAMOND IF YOU LIKE ITLord Trilobite's Norsecraft Minecraft Texture Pack

Lord Trilobite's Norsecraft Minecraft Texture Pack
Screenshot thanks to Kab's Resource Pack Showcase

Licence / Permissions (legalistic crap):
  • Please get permission to reuse content from this pack in other packs.
  • Please get permission to re-distribute this content.
  • Please give credit and link to this thread to write reviews with screenshots.
  • Please give credit and link to this thread to make videos using this content.
Please tell me what you like and, especially, what you DO NOT like. For the things that are not right, if you can tell me why they are wrong there is a good chance I will fix it, well at least try.



Be sure to follow my Twitter feed to get updates on all my packs. I bet there is something you like:

    Progress100% complete
    Game VersionMinecraft 1.10

    6 Update Logs

    Update #6 : 06/17/2016 8:41:33 amJun 17th, 2016

    1.10 v1:
    • updates for 1.10
    • better nopattern battle shield
    • better diamond armour
    • better iron armour
    • added drinkable potion item
    • added empty potion bottle item
    • added splash potion item
    • added lingering potion item
    • added netherwart item
    • added emerald item
    • added barrier item
    • better diamond block
    • better emerald block
    • better netherwart
    • better crafting table model

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    07/28/2019 6:59 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    spg88 avatar
    Hello I remember this texture pack from a long time ago and it's pretty much my favorite however I just started up Minecraft on PC again I put this in my resource pack and the paintings aren't working correctly when I go to put a painting up the paintings are from the vanilla Minecraft not the Norse texture pack is there any way that you know of or anybody that knows how to fix this?
    03/25/2019 9:22 am
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    Skubby avatar
    Hey just got back into minecraft and tried to load this into my android and I'm getting an error saying "unable to find manifest in pack" just wondering if this is fixable because I'd love to use this pack!
    02/21/2019 6:32 am
    Level 29 : Expert Creeper
    Ragnarrr avatar
    Please bring back double side battleaxe as iron and diamond axes
    05/30/2017 2:01 pm
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    -Shadowstreik- avatar
    Hello. What's the word on updating and keeping this resource pack alive and up to date with Mojang releases?
    12/14/2016 3:26 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Shadowstreik avatar
    This resource pack is, simply, astonishing. Will this be updated to match Minecraft version 1.11? the Norse experience isn't, at all, existent in 1.11.

    Thank you!
    12/03/2016 4:58 pm
    Level 64 : High Grandmaster Wizard
    Alvoria avatar

    I decided to make a critique video for this pack. It's been one of my favorites forever so I'm really happy to finally give it a review. I hope that you all enjoy it and maybe find some insight that will be helpful.


    Feel free to remove this if you don't want me posting my videos here, or just ask me to remove it and I shall.

    Thank you again for continuing one of my favorite packs of all time. I'm super happy that this is still available for use! ^_^
    10/08/2016 9:11 am
    Level 6 : Apprentice Dragon
    MissMoss avatar
    I like this a lot. Will it be updated to 1.11 once it's not just a snapshot? Like, adding the texture for the observer or something?
    08/26/2016 6:49 am
    Level 17 : Journeyman Engineer
    MKmajestic avatar
    Easily my favourite resource pack. It has such a strong and resounding theme.
    07/29/2016 5:09 am
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    Thehacker000 avatar
    Hi! If you want I can make a mod about your resource pack. Then I can publish this mod on Curse and here. I can finish the mod in a week
    07/09/2016 12:45 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Tate Anakov
    Tate Anakov avatar
    The download that is showed seems to be missing files,because when I place it into my resource pack folder only a few texture are changed not those shown above.
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