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MS Painted: Dungeons [Alpha]

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Minecraft Dungeons
Stridey's Avatar Stridey
Level 82 : Elite Pixel Painter Demolitionist
This pack is in very early development! Please join the Discord using the button below to report any bugs you find, thanks! :)

This pack was completely created in Microsoft Paint with a mouse. Oh, and I only used Microsoft Paint's default colour palette of 20 different colours (aside from hard-coded colours). Don't take this resource pack too seriously.

This pack is also available for Minecraft: Java Edition. You can find it here.

Installation instructions:  
Launcher version:
1. Open your Minecraft Dungeons Launcher and click the 'Settings' tab at the bottom left.
2. Copy (CTRL+C) the directory under the 'MINECRAFT DUNGEONS INSTALLATION' text.
MS Painted: Dungeons [Alpha] Minecraft Texture Pack
3. Paste (CTRL+V) the directory in your File Explorer and add \dungeons\dungeons\Dungeons\Content\Paks to the end of it.
4. Create a new folder in that directory called ~mods (make sure to include the '~')
MS Painted: Dungeons [Alpha] Minecraft Texture Pack
5. Download the resource pack (.pak) and drop it inside the ~mods folder.
6. Launch the game through the Dungeons.exe file. You can find this file inside of \dungeons\dungeons (or go back 3 folders from inside ~mods).

Remember not to launch the game via the launcher as this will delete all MS Painted and any other resource pack mods you have installed.

Microsoft Store version:

1. Click the Start menu button (Windows button) and type powershell and then click 'Run as Administrator'.
2. Paste (CTRL+C) the command below into the Powershell window and press Enter.
Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process Bypass;mkdir C:\mcdtemp; Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "docs.dungeonsworkshop.net/installscript/installscript.ps1" -OutFile C:\mcdtemp\winstore.ps1; C:\mcdtemp\winstore.ps1

3. When the text about an 'Execution Policy Change' appears, press A and then Enter. Depending on your system's language, A might not be the correct key. Make sure you check which key appears next to 'Yes to all' and press that instead.
4. The game will open; do not close it and just wait for a moment.
5. When you are asked to select a folder, do not chose one inside of Program Files as this will break things.
6. Download the resource pack (.pak) and drop it inside the ~mods folder that was automatically created.
7. Launch the game by pressing the Start menu button (Windows button) and search for 'Minecraft Dungeons', and then click 'Minecraft Dungeons [​Modding]'.

WARNING: When activating Developer Mode with the script, it might be required to reboot. If you encounter an   error, try to reboot and run the script again and see if that fixes the issue.   

DISCLAIMER: You can ONLY install this resource pack (mod) on the Launcher or Microsoft Store version of Minecraft Dungeons for Windows via the game's .exe file. You will be unable to use this pack on the Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4 or Xbox One versions.

Huge thanks to Dokucraft TSC and the Dokucraft Team for creating the tool that was used to create this resource pack!

Visit their website for more info and join their Discord if you're interested in creating your own Minecraft Dungeons resource pack.
If you're interested in making your own resource pack or mod for Minecraft: Dungeons, check out Dokucraft's Mod Kit.

Regarding ad links:
I really appreciate if you can use the main download button which includes ads as it helps me out a lot and allows me to monetise my hobby! The ad pages can sometimes look scary, but as long as you click nothing but the [​Skip ad] button when it appears, you will be fine!

If you are having trouble with the ad page however, then scroll down to the changelogs and click the download button for the latest version.

Thank you :)

MS Painted: Dungeons [Alpha] Minecraft Texture Pack

You may:
- Upload showcase videos or threads to YouTube or forums sites. (A link to this post will be appreciated)

You may not:
- Redistribute this pack or any of its assets as your own.
- Create mashup/edits using this pack’s assets and redistribute.

© 2022 Stridey. All rights reserved.

Latest version: 1.1a - designed for Minecraft: Dungeons (Launcher Version)
CreditDokucraft TSC
Progress45% complete
Game VersionMinecraft Dungeons

1 Update Logs

MS Painted: Dungeons 1.1 alpha : by Stridey 07/31/2020 8:43:33 pmJul 31st, 2020

completed all blocks

retextured tnt
retextured harvester

retextured emerald
retextured barrel
retextured bat
retextured creeper
retextured enderman
retextured husk
retextured pillager
retextured mob spawner
retextured zombie
retextured spider and cave spider
retextured phantom
retextured regular vindicator
retextured water
retextured chicken
retextured pig and piggy bank
retextured cow
retextured all villagers
retextured parrot
retextured all llamas
retextured all horses
retextured polar bear
retextured rabbit
retextured wolf
retextured skeleton
retextured slime
retextured stray
retextured vex
retextured witch
retextured dummy
retextured wooden draw bridge
retextured arrow and burning arrow
retextured creeperwoods wood
retextured creeperwoods rune door
retextured creeperwoods stone atlas
retextured alex
retextured steve
retextured gold and diamond key golems
retextured regular and brown panda
retextured snow fox
retextured all capes
retextured bubble effect
retextured cracked effect
retextured leaves effects
retextured feather efect
retextured hearts
retextured snow effects
retextured music note effect
retextured soul effect

retextured gamma menu icons and sliders

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04/29/2024 6:04 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Vestute3453's Avatar
I need to working.
01/26/2024 10:54 am
Level 23 : Expert Dragonborn
Terraria's Avatar
Does this work for the steam version?
06/22/2022 10:17 pm
Level 23 : Expert Explorer
FlamingMoai's Avatar
I didn't know it was possible to make texture packs for dungeons, cool.
04/28/2022 7:52 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
SM_ILE_'s Avatar
Suggestion: put this in the category "Minecraft Dungeons Aesthetic Mod"
04/30/2022 6:50 am
He/Him • Level 82 : Elite Pixel Painter Demolitionist
Stridey's Avatar
It already is?
05/02/2022 10:41 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
SM_ILE_'s Avatar
Nevermind. Was looking at something different...
12/15/2021 3:17 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Mage
Copperguy67's Avatar
Thx MAn Youtube
08/09/2021 10:43 am
Level 27 : Expert Procrastinator
King_Artifact's Avatar
Powerhouse 1996
08/30/2020 2:13 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
Powerhouse 1996's Avatar
Does this only work with the Minecraft Dungeons "Launcher Version" or can it work with the "Store Version" too?
08/31/2020 7:18 pm
He/Him • Level 82 : Elite Pixel Painter Demolitionist
Stridey's Avatar
Works for store version too! You can find the installation instructions for both versions under the 'Installation instructions:' spoiler in the description. :)
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