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PandoraCraft Mk. II [Abandoned]

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Level 27 : Expert Pokemon
This texture pack is based off of James Cameron's Record Breaking (hey, it still is if it was his own records) Avatar. It is completed, save tiny improvements I wish to make, and which will be done any time I am bored.

Note: This pack is not affiliated with the Pandoracraft servers. I have talked to the server operators and they are perfectly fine with me keeping the name.

It is here...

If theres something that you dont like, tell me. Ill add it to my list of things to work on. Im making this for minecraft players. I am here for you, so if theres anything that could use improvements, tell me.

Just came back to check it out about a year or two after I abandoned the project. Not picking it back up, but kinda nostalgic, almost. And a bit disgusting, at points... God... I had to be reminded that I used to never use apostrophes. And why was Record Breaking capitalized like so? And could've italicized Avatar, too...
Ah well. Anyways, anyone is free to do whatever you want with this.

Mod Support:
Now have mod textures added to multiple mods: Vangoule's armors and ores, Mighty Pork's Marble mod, and ian5133's Decorative block mod.
In all, thats about 100 textures, so if im bored then ill have something to do. ANd i get bored a lot.
Here are links:
http://www.planetmin...er/Vangoule273/ (note: Vangoule has too many mods to have a link to each and every one. Im just giving you his profile page, so you can see all of them.)
http://www.planetmin...ber/MightyPork/ (another note: MightyPork has even more, so the same thing.)
http://www.planetmin...blocks/(ian5133 has only one mod, but it seems like its huge. He apparently lumped everything he could into it, so its a huge and awesome looking mod.)

Sorry, but Mod Support will for the moment be dropped. When I finish the Mk. II and have a ton of time i may add them back in, but before then, sorry.

If theres any items you want me to change in the pack, PM me and tell me what items, for what reasons. Ill accommodate as many valid complaints as i can.

Have fun, good craftings, and remember to use MCPatcher or you'll be staring through the watery flowing Nether! True story.


Posted Image
And the code for it:

Additional Notes

This is free to edit and republish. You don't need a link to this, just say exactly this: "Mitch1224 made the crappy original, abandoned it, and gave everybody permission to do whatever they wanted with it, so long as we copy/pasted this text in, unchanged."
Credit:Credit goes to cheez117 for telling me how to make a texture pack, and also to mpaul418, YoursTruly, and my other beta tester WHO SHOULD GET AN ACCOUNT ON THE FORUMS for providing great feedback. Also thanks to Nantang for the help and quick feedback.
Progress: 50% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.0
  • Armor
  • Art
  • Environment
  • Font
  • GUI
  • Items
  • Misc
  • Mobs
  • Particles
  • Terrain

Update #7 : 06/23/2012 1:09:00 pm6/23/12

Its been a year since I started this now. About 6 or so months since I abandoned the pack, too. Well, this is just to say that I have abandoned the pack, if you didnt already guess that. Also, I am now starting on my second texture pack, Alas Fidelium. Its 64x, still WIP. Might be 45% done, but about 10% of that is temporary. If you want to see what is done, here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1306962-64x-wip-requesting-help-alas-fidelium-wings-of-the-faithful/page__mode__show

Mk. II Release! : 11/16/2011 9:16:19 pm11/16/11

All Ive been working on for months is now out. FOr all of you, the 32x32 version is out and incredible. Think the old version was good (if there are any of you, I thank you for your support)? Then see this. Total rebuild. For the most part. Have fun, and I will have a celebratory burning of the second greek letter on Friday. Byebye, Beta!

Let the testing begin! : 10/05/2011 5:16:46 pm10/05/11

As of Monday, Mk. II has begun testing. There are some minor errors involving fences and pistolwhipping things with the diamond and iron tools instead of stabbing them with the barrel (dont ask.), but improvements are on the way.

One other thing of note is the wood planks texture. A little known fact is that fences are taken directly from the wood planks texture. The new wood planks texture kind of.... broke the fence texture. Not literally, but it is scarily bad. So Im reverting to a placeholder for now.

ANother placeholder is the chests. No idea for them, since the old chests didnt work with 1.8s opening animation. Theyre a black(ish) box for the time being.

The cobblestone is amazing, along with several other textures (notably stone bricks and my newly detailed stone combat knives).

As you can tell, the 32x32 conversion went perfectly.
Mostly. A couple things had to be realigned, but i fixed it.

Didnt Know there was more 1.9 stuff. : 09/30/2011 3:53:03 pm9/30/11

Sorry, but I will not have time to update the rest of the 1.9 stuff added in prerelease 2.

Im taking Monday off to do nothing but finish up. All I have left is a few armors, most mobs,
wood planks (i have an idea for them), and then some items. It should begin testing by
Monday, and will come out a week or so after that. Video is coming with it, with music from one of my good friends. So sorry for 1.9 incompatibility, happy for Mk. II, and now I can play more than 3 fps since I fixed Java on my family Mac. Goodbye, 5 year old Toshiba with Vista! :D

1.9 : 09/24/2011 1:15:46 pm9/24/11

As I am still busy making Mk. II, I didnt change the textures at all when adding 1.9 compatibility. Believe me, when Mk. II comes everything will be incredibly better. Its also coming with a Forum Repost, since I got admin/mod permission. It will be truly 32x32 when it does come out.

Trust me, its near. And this time, It will be good.

1.8 Compatibility : 09/11/2011 2:02:58 pm9/11/11

All 1.8 textures finished, added.

Diamond and gold armors finished.

Figured out what is what on armor suits, which i didnt know before. :/

We will remember.


Update #1 : 08/25/2011 6:48:49 pm8/25/11

Portals, flashing from Clear to Blood Red, passing through levels of transparency.
Diamond armor is now Unobtanium Armor, aka Satiny Black.
Gold Armor is now Money Green.
Same for both above goes for corresponding tools, and Iron tools are lightly darkened.
My beautiful Pandoran Sheep are totally finished. All their skin is now the same color as the cow mob's face, and they have 4 eyes, the extra pair wrapping to the sides if i did it right.
A lot of others too. Such as the amazing Combat knife and the terrible stick. Just make a set of wood stuff and a set of stone stuff, youll see what i meant.

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Yo i am making a pandora, avatar style map and i was asking, could you update it to minecraft 1.2.5 ?
Other than that, nice texture pack !!!
  • mitch1224
  • Level 27
  • Expert Pokemon
  • June 10, 2012, 4:38 am
Thank you. However, I abandoned this a while ago. You are absolutely free to pick up the pack or have another person do so. I'm alright with it. Hell, you don't have to give me credit if you do do that. I don't really care about having the credit. And even if it was good, it still didn't do the movie justice. I set too high of goals. XD
But if you so wish, you can pick up the pack.
In fact, if you don't know how to make a texture pack, I could teach you how to get started.
I love it and if you want to teach me how to create a texture pack, I am here to learn. I'll give you my skype if you want in a PM.
  • mitch1224
  • Level 27
  • Expert Pokemon
  • July 1, 2013, 1:58 pm
Well, this isn't helpful now, probably, so sorry about that. The pack came up in a discussion with a friend, so I wanted to link it to him. If you still don't know how to make a texture pack, get 7zip and Paint.net, both of which are free. Navigate to minecraft.jar in %appdata%, and right click, open archive under the 7zip dropout menu. Search for the texture folders which I forget the name of, but most of the folders at the top contain them. Then the file textures. ... png, jpg, something. All those folders and textures.whatever (oh, and particles.whatever too), drag them to a new folder you make on your desktop, or documents, downloads, wherever you want to chuck them. Then open the files in paint.net (Not MS Paint. MS Paint is crap.) and edit to your heart's content.

If you need more specific instructions, I'll reply back.
  • kicbakzack
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • April 26, 2012, 2:28 pm
could u swap the gold sword to the diamond sword because i love the gold sword but it breaks to easily but other than that i love it keep up the good work
  • tex12347
  • Level 33
  • Artisan Grump
  • December 20, 2011, 4:07 am
i like it
  • Aide
  • Level 33
  • Artisan Robot
  • December 11, 2011, 8:40 am
Hey dude im making a custom map with a pandora theme, Can you help?

Please pm me
  • mitch1224
  • Level 27
  • Expert Pokemon
  • December 6, 2011, 11:54 am
Erased all comments, good and bad, to clear the slate more. It looked pretty crowded as each conversation ended up 3-4 replies long.
And just for the record, half were bad(mediocre), and 1 was good. The 4th was a comment telling me that he had made a youtube review. The review was positive, but the channel has been deleted and the video no longer exists.

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