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Minecraft: ChrisL21

My Minecraft Forums account, my Imgur Account, and my Deviant Art account are all named ChrisL21.  My art (excluding commissions, such as stuff from my shop) is under this license and must be attributed with my website\\\\\\\'s url (or my username if it\\\'s on PMC).  In addition to the restrictions of the license, My work is not to be used in any PMC posts (except for avatars and forum threads where I am credited) unless permission is asked beforehand, and my work is not to be used in a way that makes it appear I am endorsing you.  My personal avatar is not to be used as your avatar or in any way that makes it appear I am endorsing you.  If you wish to make derivatives of my art, use it in something you are making (a program, game, mod, etc.), or use it commercially in some way, contact me beforehand.

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