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  • Welcome to my ship mate.

    Ahoy, me name is Captain Logan (Ye can also call me Captain Luigi). I'm glad to be on this ship and thanks for having me here. I have another ship on Skindex. If you like plundering on Minecraft Pe at,,, be sure to look out for me because I plunder there most of the time.
    About Me : I'm a male and I'm a Russian Pirate. I have a Star Wars brother named Commander Wistin, that's make me and him the only siblings on the crew. I also two cousins. One lives near me named Merida and other....I never meet him. lol. I was born on a American "Fun" day called Talk like a Pirate day and born on the year of the dragon.
    I'm a Christian and God is my protector and I love him with all my heart.
    "But from there, you will search for the Lord your God, and you will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart and all your soul. Deuteronomy 4:29

    Shiver Me Timbers! I Saw A Whale. "Thar she blows." Hoist the Jolly Rogers, Hoist up the anchor and sails. Get this Man-O-War in the chase.

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    I waited for this moment and it happen.

    Thanks you Planetminecraft and everyone for the support. 2/14/17

    It happened again. :) YEAH!

    Thank for you PMC and everyone for the support. 3/29/17

    Thank you for everything. 4/4/16.

    I take requests.
    I take skin requests. Just sent me a message of what kind of skin you want. (The color of hair, eyes, clothes, ect.) If you want extras on the skin like backpacks, swords, ect . Please let me know. If you have a picture or drawing of something you will like, you can sent to me.
    I also take drawing requests. Like the skin request, I do the same for the drawing requests.

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    Get 30 drawing requests.
    Get 1 skin request. 🏆
    Get 5 skin requests.
    Get 10 skin requests.
    Get 30 skin requests.

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    Thanks for the support!
    My OC Characters - click to reveal
    OC - Sir. Roland - // (His a brave knight in Medieval Ages)
    OC - Captain Blind Eye - Coming Soon....(Blind Eye but he can see the world)
    OC - Captain Old Salt - Coming Soon in Skins! (Also a pirate, but his looks like a Viking more than a buccaneer)
    OC - Sensei Herobrine - //
    OC - Commander Wistin - // (My brother skin)
    OC - Logan or Me - // (Undertale skin)
    OC - A Surprise Skin (Believer) - //
    I support stamps. If you guys have support stamps, please let me know.

    Here's my stamp made by MigliX.
    Photo animée Here's another one made by Miglix.

    Photo animée Miglix's New Stamp

    Loki's Stamp

    Photo animée Labyrinth_'s Stamp

    Oblivion's Stamp

    undefined RosiePlayz's Stamp

    YourFriendlyFox's Stamp

    Foxtrot0806's Stamp

    FennexFox's Stamp

    Foxx's Stamp

    _September_'s Stamp

    Beverly's Stamp

    Thunderscott's Stamp

    Uhhh's Stamp

    GoldenGlider534's Stamp

    ChevyDude777's stamp

    _HippyKat_'s Stamp or Tantrum Castle's Stamp

    Wally West's stamp

    Thehealer's stamp

    Vincent_1987's Stamp

    Sc4recrow's Stamp

    Jordanw5432's Stamp

    Matt the Jolteon's Stamp

    undefined Kefka's Stamp
    Favorites. Maybe Will Be adding more later :P
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    Fan of FNaF's game

    Image result for Super Smash Bros All Characters
    All Nintendo Characters!

    The Legend of Zelda (Link)

    Super Mario Series (Luigi)

    Image result for Assassin Creed
    Assassin Creed Games.

    Image result for Uncharted 4
    Uncharted Games.

    Disney Movies!

    Tangled (Eugene or Flynn Rider)

    Lady and The Tramp (Jock)

    Atlantis (Vinny)

    Beauty and the Beast (Cogswart)

    101 Dalmatians (Roger)

    The Sword in the Stone (Archimedes)

    Tarzan (Professor)

    Image result for Captain Hook gifs
    Peter Pan (Captain Hook)

    Treasure Planet (Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, B.E.N and Morph)

    Image result for Big Hero 6 gif
    Hero and Baymax from Big Hero 6.

    Image result for big hero 6 tadashi
    Also Tadashi from Big Hero 6.

    Image result for frozen gif
    Kristoff from Frozen.

    Image result for fix it felix jr gif
    Fit it Felix from Wreck it Ralph.

    Zootopia (Nick Wilde).

    Image result for Brave gif
    Brave (Merida's Dad).

    Image result for Disney Pixar gif
    Disney Pixar Movies!

    Toy Story (Woody)

    Cars and Cars 2 (Luigi)

    Wall.E (Wall.E)

    Image result for Indiana jones gif
    Indiana Jones

    Image result for Star Wars Logo Animation GIF
    Star Wars Movies!

    Image result for Star Wars Rebels
    Image result for Star Wars Rebels
    Star Wars Rebels. Yeah, why not, it's still Star Wars.

    Image result for Star Wars gif

    Image result for Star Wars gif
    Han Solo and Chewbacca

    Image result for Funny Star Wars gif
    Obi-Wan Kenboi

    Image result for Funny Star Wars gif
    Darth Vader

    Image result for Funny Star Wars gif
    Boba Fett

    Image result for pirates of caribbean logo gif
    Pirates of the Caribbean Movies!

    Image result for funny pirates of the caribbean gifs

    Famous Scenes of Jack Sparrow

    Image result for funny pirates of the caribbean gifs
    Jack Sparrow and Mr.Gibbs

    Image result for funny pirates of the caribbean gifs

    Image result for Jack Sparrow LOL Thats Me

    Image result for Jack Sparrow LOL Thats Me

    Image result for funny pirates of the caribbean gifs

    Image result for DC and Marvel
    Dc Superheroes and Marvel Heroes.


    Green Arrow


    Iron Man

    Image result for Hawkeye gifs

    Image result for Wolverine gif
    X-Men (Wolverine)
    Image result for Loki
    Loki (Avengers and Thor movies)

    Lego Ninjago. It's Lego guys, Plus I grew with Legos. (This season are cool.)

    Image result for ninjago jay gif
    Jay is my favorite character in Lego Ninjago.

    Image result for Ninjago morro
    Morro is my favorite character in Season 5 and Day of the Departed.

    Image result for Ninjago Ronin
    Ronin is also my favorite in Season 5-6 and Day of the Departed (maybe in other seasons)

    Image result for toothless gif
    Toothless from How to train your Dragon.

    Image result for How to train your dragon gif
    Hiccup from How to train your Dragon.

    Image result for Road to El Dorado Tulio
    The Road to El Dorado (Miguel and Tulio).

    Image result for Hogwarts House
    Harry Potter.

    Check Out My Buccaneers (Subscribers) on their ships and really glad to have them. Thanks for the diamonds, favorites, subscribes, and supports.
    That really means a lot to me.

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  • Little Bit More About Me.....

    Something I like to do.
    - Being at the beach ( I'm a pirate and I love the sand, the ships pasting by, and the breeze in my face.)
    - Taking walks in the forest.
    - Drawing (A lot)
    - Cooking and Baking.
    - Reading a book or comics.
    - Writing Stories and Poems.
    - Playing Sports.
    - Playing on Piano and Violin.

    - Playing Video Games.
    - Watching Movies.
    - Being around my family.
    - Praying to God.
    - Reading the Bible.
    Image result for Pixel Flash gif
    Favorite Characters
    - Star Wars : (Obi-Wan Kenboi, Chewbacca, Quin Jin, All the famous Droids, Darth Vader, Cassin Audor, Boba Fett, Agent Kallus, Ezra, and Chopper. All Characters really, but these are my favorites)
    - Indiana Jones : (Indiana Jones)
    - Harry Potter : (Harry Potter)
    - Marvel (Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Loki)
    - Dc Superheroes (Flash, Green Arrow and Batman),
    - Pirates of the Caribbean (As you notice) (Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Mr. Gibbs, Captain Hector Barbossa) and Disney & Pixar.

    Favorite Games : Nintendo games (Luigi, Kirby, Link), Assassin Creed, and Uncharted.
    The rest of my favorites are listed in Welcome to my Ship Mate.

    Image result for Pixel Star Wars gif
    Favorite Music
    Vincent Laplante
    Lindsey Stirling
    Frank & Zach Piano Duets
    Marcus Veltri
    MonsterCat - Thanks to Beverly's Brother. This is one of my favorites.

    Owl City - When Can I See You Again and Good Time.
    OneRepublic - Counting Stars.

    Screen Team
    Alan Walker
    Peter Hollens
    Maroon5 - Animals, Move Like Jagger, Sugar, Maps, and Don't Wanna Know. (Just Dance Version is Better)
    Twenty One Pilots - Heathens and Stressed Out.
    Fall Out Boy - Immortals and Centuries.
    Imagine Dragons - Believer and Radioactive.

    TheFoldMusic - Why not.

    John Williams

    Hans Zimmer
    Michael Giacchino

    David Chappell
    Epic Music World
    Epic Music World 2
    Many More Classical Music....

    Movie Music.
    How To Train Your Dragon
    DreamWorks Music

    All Disney Songs and Pixar Songs too.

    Christian Music.
    Tenth Avenue North
    Jordan Feliz
    Hawk Nelson
    Matt Maher
    Third Day

    Games Music.
    MandoPony - Like his music.
    All Mario Games, Kirby, and The Legend of Zelda games.
    Image result for Pixel Pirates of the Caribbean
    My Custom Contest.
    I did Pirate Bay Contest when I first started here.
    8/26/16 was the day. Back then I had only some subscribers and TheSkyLord (ChevyDude77) helped me with my contest.
    I did Custom medals for first, second, third and fourth places. It was fun making the contest and made a lot of friends.
    Here's how the medals looked like. (First was gold, second was silver, and third was bronze and others were a cute ship with the Pirate Bay Contest also written.)
    Image result for pirate ship Pirate bay

    Image result for Pixel Medal gif
  • Do you Savvy?

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  • Help the poor and destory evil.

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    • SuperLuigi77
      April 29, 2017, 12:59 pm to Public
      He just wanted a cup of water. I will be so mad if I don't have what I want.
    • SuperLuigi77
      April 27, 2017, 8:47 pm to Public
      I can't finish my Star Wars drawing this week and Here's a music video of Piano Guys about Star Wars.
      SuperLuigi77 said 2017-04-28 11:37:50
      They are awesome.
      Beverly said 2017-04-27 20:55:15
      Aye! I love the Piano Guys! :D
    • SuperLuigi77
      April 27, 2017, 3:05 pm to Public
      "A man with many friends may be harmed, but there is a friend who stays closer than brother" - Proverbs 18 : 24

      I have many friends that get from being kind to them and some of them became jealous because they didn't had lot of friends. Though they left from me, which hurt me badly. God gave me other friends that are still my friends to this day. :)
    • SuperLuigi77
      April 26, 2017, 11:37 am to Public
      So...I was planning to do another contest all this month (I did one already, long long time). I knew there's going to be one from PlanetMinecraft. But before I wrote in my wall posts about the contest, they already accounted it. So....I'm stuck now. Either I wait till the site contest ends or start now. HELP!!! (Also I was thinking about Alice in WonderLand Oc's , Star Wars Oc's , or Video Games Oc's ) It doesn't have to Oc's tho. Either way I'm stuck HELP!!!
      Labyrinth said 2017-04-26 15:29:17
      That's a good idea.
      SuperLuigi77 said 2017-04-26 15:21:49
      Okidoki. Thanks for the evidence. Maybe I should do it one week after the contest ends before another one starts.
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    • SuperLuigi77
      April 25, 2017, 3:05 pm to Public
      Star Wars Battlefront is a cool game. There's a lot of characters to play as and you can play with a parent or friends. Now Battlefront Two is coming out, which I'm excited about. But I remembered that there's was one already.
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