• You know us 'Queen' women~

    "I will be your student. I will be your partner, I will be your soldier. But never again will I be your daughter."
    -Thea Queen

    Currently INACTIVE

    L E I A

    Leia | Teen | Catholic | Creative


    Hiii! <3 I'm Leia, but you can call me Lei if chu wants to~ ^^

    I'm a teen girl, who loves most things related to art, superheroes and music <3
    I've been skinning for about 2 years now, and I've been playing Minecraft since one of the first releases of the game ^^

    Superheroes. Even though I don't exactly own a single comic book (I'm thinking about getting a few thought ;) I'm a rather loyal DC and Marvel (and The Incredibles) fan.

    Favourite Heroes (are sidekicks included....??):

    - Batman
    - FIRST THREE ROBINSSS (Nightwing, Red Hood (*cough* "Anti-Hero" *cough* not *cough*), Red Robin <3)
    - Black Widow (arrowverse)
    - Speedy
    - Black Canary
    - Flash~ (and Kid Flash~)
    - Human Torch
    - Dash (speedsters famm)
    - Artemis
    - Red Arrow

    Favourite Villains:

    - Syndrome
    - Loki
    - Jokerr~
    - Ra's al ghul
    - Poison Ivy
    - Slade
    - Magneto
    - Cheshire cat

    I'm an intense Thea x Roy Shipper


    - Star Wars
    - DC comics
    - Arrow
    - Flash
    - Batfamily
    - Marvel comics?
    - Incredibles

    ~ Movies ~

    Favourite Movies

    - Star Wars
    - Most DC animated movies
    - Jurassic Park
    - Idiana Jones
    - Johnny English

    Favourite shows/series

    - Arrow
    - Young Justice
    - Clone Wars
    - Good luck Charlie

    Work in Progress....

    "Maybe you should start acting like my mother so I don't have to act like yours."
    -Thea Queen

    "I trusted you. I let you into my life. How could you have done this to me?"
    -Thea Queen

    ~ People I support ~

    Thea x Roy

    Will be adding more soon~ (Once I find em :3)

    ~ OCs ~

    "Well, you know us Queen women. Nothing gets to us."

    -Thea Queen

    ~ Oka-mom ~
    ~ Jvbro ~
    ~ Shan ~ Orbit ~ Angelcookie ~
    ~ Fire ~ Len ~ Jenna ~ Blair ~

    "I got mad relationship skills bro. Let me know if you need any trendy places to propose."
    -Thea Queen

    ~ W I P ~

    "Why is it so hard for everyone to just tell the truth?"
    -Thea Queen

    "All those times I got mad at you for being a flake, or telling me something I knew that had to be a lie, you were saving someone's life. Thank you."
    -Thea Queen

  • Because of you....

    "Hey dad, look at me,
    think back and talk to me.

    Did I grow up, according to plan.
    And do you think I'm waisting my time.
    Doing things I wanna do.
    But it hurts when you disapprove
    all along..."

    Hey dad, look at me...
    Think back and talk to me...
    Did you know, you used to be....
    ...My hero....

    - "Perfect" by Simple Plan -

    "Please. Don't. Don't make me choose between my father and my brother."
    -Thea Queen

    S T A T U S

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    Thea x Roy
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  • Reaching for a piece of the sky~

    "I don't want to hurt or be hurt ever again and you seem like someone who could teach me not to."
    -Thea Queen

    Planet Minecraft Projects <3

    Here's a list of the projects I h
    ave going on at the moment.

    ~ B o o k s ~

    "Memories, of the day you left" (On Hold)

    "I'll be watching you..." (On Hold)

    ~ O c ~

    I've been 'cancelling' a few skin series I've been working on before, but I'll try to resume them soon.

    ~ T h e P a x a n d P e r i T a l k - s h o w ™ ~

    The Pax and Peri talk-show, is one of my latest projects. Pax and Peri are two ocs of mine, which have a "show" in which they'll interview other member's ocs. This project is still on hold as of now, but I might activate it soon.

    ~ C o n t e s t ~

    I'll be hosting a contest once I reach 500 superstars <33

    Support stamp made by MigliX
    Put this in your profile if you support me <3

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  • ~~𝓐𝓬𝓬β™₯𝓾𝓷𝓽𝓼~~


    Persona Light ~by~ Hidden Shadows (Fanskin)

    Made by the wonderful HiddenShadows! <3 Of my persona Light! ^^

    Persona Leila ~by~ Oka Cola AKAQUEENMOM (fanskin)

    By my queen mom!! of my Persona Leila~~ <3 Thanksuu

    oc Kade ~by~ Lykrai (fanskin)

    Made by this person, I love, love itttt~ thank youu!

    My previous avatar ~by~ Beeho (Fanskin)

    Made by this amazing person, of my avatar! <3 thank you~

    Oc Valentina ~by~ OkaCola AKAmomma (fanskin)


    Oc Ivan ~by~ GoldenGlider (fanskin

    byyyyyy... GOLDENGLIDERR!! <3 Of my new OC Ivan!! <3 Thank you so muchhh!! <3

    Persona Light ~by~ Oka Cola AKAmomma (Fanskin)

    AWESOME FANSKIN BY the one and only O K A! Of my new Persona, Light! <3 Thank you so much, babu!! =D

    Oc Crimson ~by~ Oka Cola AKAmomma (Fanskin)

    By the awesomly fab~ O K A (My Oc Crimson)

    Oc Ivory ~by~ Oka Cola AKAMOMM (Fanskin)

    By da one and onlllyy~ O K A (My OC, Ivory)

    Oc Ekaterina ~by~ Oka Cola AKAQUEENMOM (Fanskin)

    By~ O K A (My Oc Ekaterina (Kate))

    Oc Skylar ~by~ Golden Glider

    By~ Golden! <3 (My Oc Skylar)


    Oc Skylar ~by~ Oka Cola AKAQUEENMOM (Fanart)

    Okay, where do I start??? I'm jelly of that hair?? like, seriously
    and he just looks so Soft and squeeiiisshhhyyy!! <3 Thank youuuuu! (Linky linkk~)

    Oc Crimson ~by~ Oka Cola AKAMOM (Fanart)

    She just looks so Fabulous and perfect?? I love herr!! Thank youuu <33 (Link link link)

    Oc Lloyd ~by~ Oka Cola AKAQUEEN (Fanart)

    P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N! My gosh, I love itt~ <3 Thankkeee~~ (Linksuuu)

    Helock Romano ~by~ Anxiety/Scintilla (Fanart)

    Made by the amazing Anxiety of my oc Helock Romano! <3 Thank you!!! :3 I love it

    Oc Skylar (Genderbent) ~by~ IISavageDreamzII (Fanart)

    made by... the lovely IISavageDreamzII Thank you so much!! <3 (My OC Skylar <3)

    Persona Leila ~by~ FireFlower (Request thingy)

    ~By FireFlwer~ Thank yu hoonn! (My Persona, Leila)

    Spoiler - click to reveal

    ~By my mom~~ <3 Thank you soooooo much Oka~! <3

    An old skin ~by~ Ladyvat

    ~By Ladyvat!! Thank you soo much!! ^^ (Of an old skin XD)

    An Old Skin ~by~ Ladyvat

    ~By Ladyvat!! Thank yu s much!! x3 (Of a skin <3)

    Me ~by~ DaWabbitWover (fanart)

    oth made by DaWabbitWover! Thanksu~~!! <3 (Both are... meee~ XD)

    Thank you all, for these amazing giftsss~ <3 I love them alll~~!

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