Level 48
Master Pirate
  • ~ Ahoy Mates! ~

    ⚓"Sail under the starry sky with yer sails high."⚓
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    ⚓"Remember Not Forget To Sail The Seven Seas!"⚓
    Pixel Art - Twilight Conch by Moth-Doll

  • ~ Welcome Aboard ~

    MaleSailboatDark by CrookedAntlersRussianSailboatDark by CrookedAntlersPirateSailboatDark by CrookedAntlersDisney/Pixar FanSailboatDark by CrookedAntlersStar Wars FanSailboatDark by CrookedAntlersMarvel & DC FanSailboatDark by CrookedAntlersChristian

    Welcome to me Black Sapphire me mates!
    Hop on board to adventure out to the Seven Seas.

    Image result for Pirate Ship gif
    ~Name meaning~
    Logan: "Little Hollow"
    Luigi: "Re-owned Fighter"

    ~Friends call me~
    Capin' Logan
    Jack Frost


    Captain Logan Camelot
    (Pixel art made by len-kun)

    Love Autumn and Fall.
    Snowflake Pixel by VinnityLove Winter too.Snowflake Pixel by Vinnity
    SailboatLight by CrookedAntlersLove Everything that has to do with the Ocean and Sea.SailboatLight by CrookedAntlers
    Turtle pixel 2 by Albino-BroccoliLove God!!Turtle pixel 2 by Albino-Broccoli

    Starry sky | F2U by Martith

    "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

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    It really means a lot to me!
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    . ocean divider 1 | f2u page decor . by lleafeons
    “Hark, now hear the sailors cry, Smell the sea, and feel the sky, Let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic."

    Street Light - Pixel Art by LunaHazee
    Moon Divider by CatSpy69
    Starry Cat by DPA-avatarsTHANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING!Starry Cat by DPA-avatars
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  • ~ On the Black Sapphire ~

    ⛵ Me Crew ⛵

    Pixel Art - Twilight Conch by Moth-Doll

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