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Status Online! Pinged: 10/21/21
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Bedrock 1.16.10
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~PhoenixSMP is a private server for Minecraft Bedrock edition.~
~We're a long-standing, community-focused server looking for new members.~
~With occasional events, friendly members, and constantly expanding lore, you'll be right at home.~

General info
~Phoenix is entirely vanilla, no mods or addons unless absolutely required to keep the server safe.
~Join a clan for either a strength, resistance, or absorption boost. Entirely optional.
~We recently celebrated our 1-year anniversary.
~This server is focused on building, rather than grinding.
~Despite the Discord's large size, we are still a small, tightly knit community.

Game info
~Keepinventory is on
~Mobgriefing and TNT are off
~Game difficulty is hard (3)

Lore info

~Long ago three clans were formed, Murex, Mora, and Malacus. Tasked with keeping the world in balance, they bickered and fought among themselves. Contribute to the ongoing tale of the clans and their wars with your own story and characters.
~Lore participation is completely optional, we're very much a regular SMP.
~Wiki page dedicated entirely to the expansion and preservation of our ongoing lore. It has 100+ pages.
~The more you roleplay and participate in the lore, the more involved in the overall plot you'll become.
~Easy to understand in-game roleplay system: tag your messages with (IC) if they're in character, and (NIC) if they're not in character.

To be able to join, you'll need to submit a whitelist request via our discord, found here:  Discord!

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