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Planet Dark
Status Offline Pinged: 04/13/21
Game VersionMinecraft Bedrock 1.16.10
Planet Dark
[EX] earth
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Hey there, welcome to Planet Dark (new name pending), A minecraft bedrock server with addons that uses a 1:4000 minecraft earth map. On this server you can make your own nation and lead the people within your nation, or if that’s too much for you, you can join a nation and help your nation.

Bringing friends might give you a leg up in your nation but don’t be scared to start one if you have no friends to bring with you. There’s many people on the Discord looking for a new nation to join, just make sure you advertise your nation well and you’ll drag in the right people for your nation.But if that sounds like too much, you can always just join a nation with a leader you agree with, the choice is yours. Just make sure to state in the discord that you join/create a nation so we can give you roles that state what nation you’re in.

Now after all of that, your next step is to actually join the server (wow who knew). Just make sure your username is in the whitelist chat and a staff member has told you you are whitelisted, (note:it is case sensitive). When you first get on you'll spawn with a few different command blocks, don’t worry too much about picking a bad spot, you can always go back to spawn using the command block by the teleport area.

Do remember though, you aren’t the only faction. Across the map you can find many other nations which you can ally with, or maybe you want to go to war instead and take their land. You can use the online coord calculator or map to find the coords for a place to start your nation, or find the general coords of a pre existing area.

Once you find a place you like, make sure to take a screenshot and send it to the claims chat in the discord, you can blur out the coords if you want to keep them private but you need to actually be there for the claim to count. If you don’t claim the land then anything there is considered not owned by anyone meaning anyone can take it and/or claim the land you just built on. So make sure to state your claims.

Also as previously stated we have a bunch of addons on the server to make the experience more fun, here’s a list of them with their mcpedl download link in case you want to use them on a survival world, these can also be found on the discord server:

Chisel Addon

The Chisel addon is just like the one seen on java, it adds variety to the many blocks already in the game, and some other ones as well.

Their crafting recipes can be found here: mcpedl.com/chisel-bedrock-editon/

Well most things in this addon uses the stone cutter, some of them use the crafting table, so if something doesn't seem to be working try checking back to the website.

More Crafting Addon

The more crafting addon is pretty straight forward, it adds crafting recipes for things that don't have crafting recipes.

Most of the crafting recipes can be seen from the crafting book, but if that doesn't work you can always check on this website:mcpedl.com/more-crafting-addon/

Simple Planes Addon

Adds a craftable plane to minecraft.

Moves up and down by looking with your head and moves with wasd/joystick/arrow buttons.

website: mcpedl.com/simple-airplane-add-on/

Hover craft addon

Adds a hover bike thing that acts similar to a horse, except it goes faster and jumps way higher.

website: mcpedl.com/tigers-hover-craft-addon/


Makes it so objects that emit light glow in your hand or when thrown on the floor.


Clear Lag Addon

Kills selective mobs every 5 minutes to reduce lag.

mobs it kills:

























website: mcpedl.com/clear-lagg-function-pack/

If you’re still unsure about the server, feel free to join the discord and take a peak around, just make sure that if you get a dm from the altdentifier bot you reply so you don’t get kicked by the bot, don’t worry the bot is verified by discord and is not stealing your info (surprise, we don’t want your info). We look forward to seeing you there!

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