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1.4 Thoughts

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Eiglew avatar Eiglew
Level 29 : Expert Architect

1.4, Changes so far.

So as we all know Mojang is working on the future 1.4 update.
So far they have released a snapshot and in that snapshot they have added a few items and a new mob:

  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Wooden buttons
  • Potion of invisibility,
  • Item and block frame
  • Flower pots
  • Mossy cobble and cobble walls
  • Dye-able leather armor
  • Dye-able dog collars
  • Potion of nightvision
  • Command block
  • Corner stairs
  • Wither boss mob "Mr.Wither".

There are also some improvements such as:
  • Upside down place-able trapdoors
  • Improved nether portals
  • Improved maps

Wither boss mob!?

Im more interested in the wither boss mob then anything else on the list.
Where will he be spawning and what does he drop?
Made a quick drawing of the mob. Witherpng

This is how it acctually looks: Witherbossmobpng

Nether portals can now transport enteties between the nether and the surface.

So basicly you can transport enteties such as pigs, arrows and possibly dropped items.

TNT cannon into the nether?
Ignited TNT can ot travel trough a portal.
I will test this as soon as i can, video is coming.

Download link for the snapshot: http://assets.minecraft.net/12w34a/minecraft.jar

What is your opinion about the upcoming update? Please write it down below :D

If i missed anything or you want more information:

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