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(65+)Minecraft Update Ideas

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Xepherxv's Avatar Xepherxv
Level 14 : Journeyman Artist
so me and my friends where talking about Minecraft the other day and where where like what are some cool ideas for future Minecraft!?
note that it can already be planned for updates or can me mods-
so we came up with...
  1. Safe-impossible to break and requires key (can be broken with key)
  2. Quad-chests (inventory fills up entire screen)
  3. Upgradable workbench- (lets say if you have a stone one you get 2 of the items(sone level or below) if you have diamond/obsidian you get a lot more(obsidian/diamond level or below)*all other items that are not necessarily tools will be duped to the level of the workbench*
  4. Lava boats (self explanatory)
  5. Emotes in smp (waving, dance salute etc...)
  6. Remove skeleton's aimbot -_-
  7. A better leveling system (oblivion style)-- if you run a lot, you get ex in running and you eventually run faster, if you're always chopping down trees you get xp in that and you can eventually chop down trees faster etc...
  8. Explosions cause shock waves that can push mobs and blocks back or cause them to fall
  9. Cloud-saving
  10. Better variety of arrows
  11. On easy mode creepers only do player damage and no block damage, it becomes normal on med. and hard difficulty settings.
  12. Tails and wings (either via items or skins)
  13. Voice Chat in smp, i know swears will be harder to filter, but its still possible:)
  14. Backwards compatibility with mods (1.3.1 mods with 1.3.2 and stuff like that)
  15. Equip-able Quivers
  16. CTM Farm land
  17. when you die, your body doesn't disappear, items will be stored in your dead body instead of dropped, and also the ability to resurrect fallen allies
  18. locked doors using the same concept as #1
  19. speakers that can be connected either directly or via Redstone (mabie string) to music players (makes music louder, or you can put one in every room so you can hear Cat everywhere in your house ;p)
  20. see tools on player when not equipped but on bar, like for example sword goes on back, Pick at the waist, etc...
  21. better death animation (like either Roblox style or see #24)
  22. dismemberment of body parts on mobs (like you can cut off heads and arms and stuff :) )
  23. Head shots with arrows do more damage
  24. guns, but not modern ones, like old rifles and things, projectiles (bullets) travel instantly shoots straight, but not accurate, Scope/iron sight, takes a long time to reload, fires instantly
  25. Blood that appears when you hit something, appears on the item you used to hit it and the ground (Toggleable)
  26. Rings and Amulets.
  27. Arrow keys can now navigate the menus
  28. Leaves now drop sticks as well as saplings
  29. Hitting creepers with Flint and steel causes them to explode instantly
  30. Mo' enchantments
  31. Mo' animals
  32. A use (other than port) for obsidian
  33. Cat and/or dog beds
  34. Dog doors that can be placed either on actual doors or anywhere, (also lockable by shift clicking)
  35. more different kinds of cats
  36. Leveled Bows and Arrows (like diamond arrow, steel arrow etc...)
  37. Shields
  38. Handheld torches
  39. your arms and legs now move when walking up/down a ladder
  40. The UI (or HUD) Disappears after a while (for example: you take damage, your health bar appears, then disappears 20 seconds later)
  41. You can see the damage on items
  42. Better water Shaders
  43. mining emerald gives you more than just one
  44. Gravitational pistons
  45. if a mob or player falls on you, they do damage, like anvils :)
  46. Minecraft.net now has a profile page for you, and you can add friends and achievement now save to your entire account and not just the world save
  47. DoF, Waving grass, Lens flares, Better shadows
  48. Name changes (see this link)
  49. Right Shift clicking a button changes it from timed to lever mode, only works if you placed the button there
  50. Redstone can be placed on the wall and upside down
  51. you can place Redstone underneath Half slabs
  52. colored Redstone lamps
  53. Gravity in blocks and mobs is dynamic and realistic, like of those animations
  54. much much darker nights...
  55. wall clocks (as suggested by vianilambo)
  56. Redstone tickers
  57. first person camera is bound to the head, which means you can look down and see the bottom half of your body :)
  58. Make traveling to the nether instant
  59. nether ores
  60. Sunken Ships (requested by syndicate)
  61. Abandoned Villages can now spawn (houses are falling apart, etc)
  62. Armor can now be put on pets (requested by Chimneyswift11)
  63. You can add 2 swords to Picture frames causing them to cross
A lot more will be added soon, comment your ideas of what they should add! (if its good, ill add it to the list and credit you :) )


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02/03/2019 10:51 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Broken_Aaron's Avatar
You know what I want as the next new update is dragons because a lot of people like dragons and pulse some people don't know how to use kids that's why I would like dragons has the next new update it would be really cool.
05/10/2016 7:33 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Huzbubber's Avatar
Epic Ideas!
Captain Relyk
01/02/2015 12:33 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Captain Relyk's Avatar
But no blood or gore, there are young kids that play MINECRAFT, I guess guns would be ok
Captain Relyk
01/02/2015 12:31 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Captain Relyk's Avatar
I think they should add a better death animation I agree, I think they should add furniture like cabinets and couches and chairs and tables and.........

08/27/2013 6:51 pm
Level 24 : Expert Pixel Painter
chaserulez5189's Avatar
I'm still jealous you know Chim :P (Its drawertolife BTW)
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