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A heroes journey

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avatar zoomy888
Level 20 : Expert Chef


Chapter one: The overworld

One day someone popped out of nowhere their name was Steve. He had no idea what to do. So he thought “I should make shelter for the night!” So he punched some trees and got wood. He made a crafting table and made some tools like a wooden pickaxe and a wooden axe. He then went mining and got some coal and made torches. Then he used the wood left over to make a small shelter. He waited and waited until day. When it got bright again and the sun was shining he went to find some food. He found some tall grass, he got seeds from them. It was a good thing his shelter was next to a river. He made a wooden hoe and planted the seeds. He waited until some grew. He punched it and it gave him seeds. He wondered how to get wheat. Then something weird happened. Other wheat grew even more. He thought “Is that it's full grown state?’’ So he waited and waited until it grew so much. He punched it and it gave him wheat! He then waited until it all fully grew. He punched the rest and made some bread. He then went mining more. When he was mining he found iron! He ran back to his shelter and smelted the iron. It gave him iron ingots. He used the iron to make iron tools like an iron pickaxe an iron axe and an iron sword! He then went back in his mine and went mining again. When he was done mining he found some gold. He mined it before he left the mine. When he got back to shelter it was night. He thought “I'm going to stay outside and fight monsters!’’ He spotted a zombie next to his shelter easily. He went and hit the zombie with his sword. After like four hits with his sword the zombie died and dropped rotten flesh and a potato? He looked at it more and he found out it was a poisonous potato. He then found a skeleton. He killed it with his sword and it dropped two bones. He went into his shelter and put his loot in his chest. The next day he went looking for sheep to make a bed. When he found one he just remembered he should of made shears. He killed the sheep anyway and got one piece of wool. When he got back to his shelter he made shears. He went out looking for more sheep. He found some sheep and sheared all of them. He got seven wool. When he was walking back to his shelter he found someone standing in front of it. When he got closer he asked Who are you? The stranger replied Im Alex! Steve said What are you doing here? Alex said The same thing you’re doing! Alex says So what's your name? Steve answered My name is Steve Alex says Nice name! Steve asks Could you maybe stop blocking the door? Alex says Oh sorry bye! Steve weirdly says Bye? Steve walks into his house and makes a bed. The next day he goes mining. When he was mining he found blue ore. It was far away so Steve doesn't know if its lapis or diamonds. When he got closer he knew what it was it was diamonds! He mined the two diamond blocks and went back to his house. He put the diamond gems safely away in his chest. He smelted all the other ores he gathered and made some other useful tools like a shovel and a shield. When he was about to go to sleep someone knocked on the door. He went over to the door and opened it. He saw Alex. He said What are you doing here? Alex asks Could i sleep here with you? Steve says Fine Alex runs inside and looks in all the chests about to make a bed but Steve quickly said Hey get out of my chest! Alex asks how am i supposed to sleep without a bed? Steve says I will make you a bed so i know you don't steal anything Alex says Okay Steve makes Alex a bed. The next morning Steve goes mining. He found a lot of gold a good amount of iron so much coal you don't even want to know and found lapis for the first time! When he was walking back to his shelter he found a pool of lava. He found a diamond block right next to lava. He thought I have to get that diamond! He covered the lava up with cobble and grabbed the diamond! When he got back to his shelter he found Alex looking around. Steve says Did you steal anything? Alex says No Steve walks to his chest and looks for his diamonds. He has three diamonds. He was going to make a diamond pickaxe to make a portal to the ??????. But he was out of wood and sticks. So he went tree chopping! When he had over a stack of wood blocks. When Steve got back to his house he made like thousands and thousands of wood planks. He made some sticks he then got his diamonds and made a diamond pickaxe. He ran to his mine and looked for lava. he found some fairly quickly and got a bucket of water and got some obsidian. He then needed to get flint. He found some gravel and punched it until he got flint. He got flint very fast. He then ran to his house and made flint and steel. He made a portal and jumped through!

The end of chapter one

Chapter two


When Steve got out of the portal he found himself in a weird place. It was full of lava and fire. He then was attacked by a strange looking monster. It was floating and it was on fire it was yellow black and orange the colors of lava and fire. Steve was on fire and he tried to save himself with a bucket of water. Then the water disappeared and Steve was still on fire. So he did the only thing left to do. Run back through the portal! When Steve got back to his house he jumped into the river. He was nearly dead. He got inside his house to find Alex. He asked her if she could help him. Alex said “Sure!’’ So they go to the portal and jump through when they got there they found the strange monster and killed it. It dropped a blaze rod. He thought “I should make a brewing stand!'' So they went back through the portal to get to Steves house. He then made a brewing stand and made fire resistance potions. They went back into the nether and found the nether fortress!

Thats it i might add more later also my spelling is the worst

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  • Makaneek
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Scribe
  • March 11, 2019, 4:58 pm
grammarly is good for spell-checking. Also, I recommend using paragraphs to make it easier to read. Im not dissing you. your story is awesome.
  • zoomy888
  • Level 20
  • Expert Chef
  • March 12, 2019, 5:29 am

But im to lazy to fix everything XD
  • TETQ
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Toast
  • March 9, 2019, 2:40 pm
awesome <3

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