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ABC club - most important blog i've made for this

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avatar FrozenSprite
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
You might think the most important part of bullying is the bully. Its YOU You choose how you respond. Somebody could say: Your ugly haha your stupid hahahahah im better. Its YOUR choice in how you respond.
You dont have to be sad. You can have them say it in a squeaky voice in your head. Say somebody said:
You cant even read past a second grade level. Haha you suck.
Lets imagine them saying that in a squeaky voice with barbie music in the background. Does it hurt anymore?
You can act happy every time someone says "I hate you!!!" its YOUR choice of how you react, and if you act happy, chance is, bullying wont even exist to you anymore.
So i hope this helped. :)
---thank you for your support. 53 hundred views?! i love you guys--
-A frozen frozen yogurt narwhal

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