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Level 6 : Apprentice Engineer
Hello, Friends!
I am going to tell you about what I will make throughout my time on Planet Mine-craft.
So, it all started when I lost my YT Channel. All the videos, except not the Account itself. I noticed if i put "MCMaps" at the end of the original name "Diamaundio" I would be able to attract more subs. Well, I only got inspired to make the Maps. Not the trailers or Before-Upload reviews. So, I was searching around for a website, so I had a limit. I just happened to be strolling on Planet Mine-craft when I made an Account. So, I first uploaded my file to Media Fire (I trust them for Downloading Stuff). I opened Planet Mine-craft and uploaded "Diamaundian Survival" The map where you have to survive on a Mountain before the Lava devours the entirety of the land.
To start, I will be making "Survival Worlds" or Houses/Forts that will help your survival. My latest one - Survival Base 2.0 - uses Command Blocks to teleport you from the Base to the Surface around 35 blocks above where the Command Block is. There is also a Command Block to get you back down. If you break the walls in the Dining Area, You will notice I made this when in Spectator mode, stumbled across a Mineshaft that looked like it could make a good fort.
In the future, Who knows what I will create? A plane that not only looks realistic but works? It's all up to you what I should make.

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