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[REVIEW] Adbolt: In-Game Advertising!

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[REVIEW] Adbolt: In-Game Advertising!
What Is It?

Adbolt.net is a service where you can advertise your server or product onto servers, and it's also a service to have those advertisements easily placed on your server for a share of revenue. [REVIEW] Adbolt: In-Game Advertising!

The Basics
Adbolt is designed for two different types of users, an Advertiser and a Publisher. You need to identify which one of the two you are; If you're looking to spread the word of your server or product, you would be an Advertiser. If you're looking to make a few dollars having advertisements posted on your server, you would be a Publisher. Once you've decided which category you fall under, you're good to get started!

At the cost of $1.00 per thousand impressions, it's much more affordable than advertising in other outlets like Twitter, which is around $10 per thousand impressions and you reach a less direct audience. The bright side of Adbolt, you know your audience plays Minecraft. If they can see your advertisement, they must be online. Running a server who has done Twitter advertising in the past, I can personally attest to how ineffective their marketing can be in comparison to Adbolt. That's not to claim Twitter doesn't have a good gig going there, but when your market audience is so narrow and your promotional tweet is being sent out to millions of people who follow "Minecraft" on Twitter, there's a lot more option to have consumers pass by without giving a second glance. With that being said, I've also invested around $100 in Adbolt marketing, and the results have consistently been higher. While many people use Adbolt strictly to advertise their server, I've been part of the growing minority that uses it to also advertise a YouTube channel or other service! Adbolt offers a choice of being able to change the color and other attributes at no additional cost.[REVIEW] Adbolt: In-Game Advertising!
Since the big update and enforcement of the Minecraft EULA, donations have been a little on the stiff side. There exists another option to help you and your server out! Adbolt features a very easy to user interface and server plugin that means for less time messing around and more time making money.You just link your account to your server once you've installed the plugin and you're good to go! When users are on the server, every few minutes they'll see an advertisement that's just a few lines of text and they can click on the message or just read it by. The more users on the server at a time, the more impressions you'll get!

In Conclusion
Adbolt is a wonderful service that is great for the Advertiser, Publisher and Consumer! By providing relevant advertisements to the consumers, advertisers are able to get more bang for their buck and publishers are able to make more money!

If you would like to check out Adbolt, their website is Adbolt.net!
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Thanks For Reading!
CreditAll 'screenshot' pictures used within the post are publically available on Adbolts website and are used in promotional marketing.

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09/26/2016 5:56 pm
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Very interesting. I could see many servers using this service to help keep their server running. But of course you need to think about the players of that particular server seeing them; not wanting to see them, to be exact. But to be fair, advertising is pretty much everywhere nowadays. And for small Youtubers/others wanting to get a boost with some money, this is definitely not a terrible idea.

Good writing!
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