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-=Afmec Towers=-

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-pop reel- :D

It's been a while since I posted one of my builds, although I would have liked to have posted this sooner, it took forever to complete. I originally built it in April, but I didn't finish the exterior and interior detailing until this month. My premise for this build was to create some really cool space observatory towers to replace a terrible cobblestone building and based on a random idea that popped into my head. The name of the build is a combination of the name of the world in which it was built and the beginning of the word 'mechanical', for its robotic feel. As usual, I picked my favorite world to build in, af (my sister's initials; it was her world for one day until we decided to share it), and started building using my new favorite block combination-quartz, red stained glass, copper, and netherite. I did have a few problems fitting it between the maphouse and my farm (it's literally touching the bushes outside the maphouse), but those were thankfully quickly overcome. After building the towers and the low wall around them, I left it alone for a while. It's always good to leave something alone for a while and come back to it--but maybe not for months, like I did. Anyway, I returned with a renewed vigor for detailing. ANd more detailing. And mOre dEtaIlnG. I haven't shown a lot of the detail, but I furbished all sides of the inside walls of the towers, added lighting, killed innumerable bats, built stairs, hung banners, added plants, laid carpet, installed tools, and stepped back. Was it really done?

Yes. I present to you--the Afmec Towers!

Here are some exterior shots to get a picture of what flying around it is like.
-=Afmec Towers=-
-=Afmec Towers=-

-=Afmec Towers=-

Let's head inside the main tower (largest tower on the right in the above screenshot), and tour the inside!
This is the view from the front door. You can take the stairs in the center up to the observation dome or the stairs on the side to go to the second floor.

Up the stairs to the second floor!

And the topmost floor with the observational dome. (Yes, that is a massive Pusheen pixel art.)

I picked red stained glass especially to enhance the view of the night sky--check this out.

plus a selfie =)

Here's a shot looking up through the floor patterns from the bottom of the main tower.

Let's move on to the beacon tower for a glimpse at the tower's signaling powers, from the inside...

...and from the outisde.

I know that's a lot of pictures to take in, but I hope you enjoyed touring my most ambitious build to date! There will be more ambitious builds. >:)
Always remember that a good idea and lots of clicking are key to great builds.

Get building!


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