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Animal Bikes Mod Review!

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megustaQUESO's Avatar megustaQUESO
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Hello folks!
Welcome to my first mod review, ANIMAL BIKES!!! (insert applause) All of the mobs in this mod can spawn in many different colors. And don't say I haven't warned you... Some are a bit... disturbing...Now let's get right down to business as I show you the awesomeness of the mod!

First up is the COW!

These buggers are pretty helpful. Like most of the mobs in this mod, they can move faster than normal walking speed. They can jump 2 blocks high! This might not sound like much, I know. But it's better than it sounds. They have a small chance of spawning a baby cow! Aww!

Next you will be shown the sheep.

Sheep really aren't that great. All they do is move a bit faster than cows, but slower than pigs. These guys also have a small chance of spawning a baby. Wait... No, not a baby. A baby SHEEP.

Here are the PIGS.

Pigs, pigs, pigs. Who doesn't like pigs? Especially in this mod, where they're THE FASTEST LAND MAMMAL! They're a bit crazy, but still amazing. They wear a saddle, unlike all of the other mobs. And no matter how many times I say they're SO FREAKIN' FAST, it's still underestimating it.

And of course the chickens are here now.

Chickens are a veeeeeery slooooooooow mob. They're one of the slowest. Chickens can also hover like a little butterfly to the ground. They may not be able to fly, but they sure don't take any fall damage. Unless you put lava at the bottom of a cliff... But that doesn't count as fall damage, does it?


Ahh, squid- Cause who doesn't love cutting through water faster than a boat? They can go pretty fast, after all. Strangely enough, these guys CAN move on land- very slowly and oddly. You do sit on their head after all.

One guess: Wolf!

Wolves. A Minecraft icon since... well, since never. But doesn't everyone have a wolf in their blocky kingdom? I hear in 1.4 you'll be able to change the collar color. Wolves in this mod can sometimes be... persnickety. If you attack them, they attack you. They are pretty speedy, though.

Iron golems... meh.

Sure, they've got enhanced health. Very enhanced health. Extremely advanced health. They also can go up one block automatically. Sure, that makes them sound awesome! But trust me, it's not. Their speed makes up for everything. They're the slower than chickens, and you heard me talk about that. Another bad thing is their jumping... or lack of it. I mean, seriously! They can't jump?

To all the pony fans out there...

I'm personally not a fan, which makes sense. But some people are. So this one's for you. There are three types of ponies: Ground ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi. Pegasuses. Whatever. Ground ponies have a small chance of leaving a flower where they walk. Unicorns leave glitter behind them. Pegas- Flying ponies can... well, fly.

This is one of the disturbing ones... The Notch bike.

The Notch bike. Shouldn't it be the Jeb bike now? Eh, who cares. You practically ride on Notch's head! Fun, right? He also spits apples. But be sure not to spit too many... He might get... angry. He also does that if you attack him. But!!! He automatically goes up one block! YAY!

Reindeer! In late August...

Oh, the weather outside is frightful... frightfully hot, that is. Reindeer can, as you might guess, fly! They are pretty awesome. Also, they leave a trail of pretty snow behind them as they fly. While you're on the ground, you can automatically go up one block.

Another cold character, the Snow Golem!

Boy, if you had this little character in a snowball fight, you would have it all. He spits snowballs at speeds unimaginable! And where ever you go, you will be known- he leaves a trail of snow behind him. He also goes up one block automatically... again.


The Easter Bunny came early... With his Easter eggs! He lays eggs every once in a while. He moves with pretty good speed. And of course, I always like to hold down the space bar so I jump wherever I go to give it the whole... bunny effect. And don't get me started on the TNT...


Suddenly, you hear trampling feet. Dinos, you think. When they come into view, you see 4 different kinds: Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, and some thing that looks a bit like a T-Rex, but it's too small... A Pterodactyl speaks for itself: it can fly. All the other ones aren't very special. They can all pick up pigs by running in to them!

The End? Enderman are here...

Enderman... Enderman, enderman, enderman... They are one of my favorites. They automatically go up one block. And... wait for iiiiiit... They can TELEPORT! Unfortunately, they are damaged by water. But that's not the worst part. Their appearance is a bit... disturbing. Well, not a bit. VERY disturbing. VERY,VERY disturbing. You've been warned.

Entering the Nether: Ghasts!

You all know the creepy ghast noises. Accompanied by a huge, creepy, flying thing, you'd think you wouldn't WANT to ride these! Luckily, they're a lot smaller than the real thing. They can fly pretty well, but you can only spawn them in the Nether.

The TRUE face of the game!

Creeper... Oh man... I never thought I would RIDE the enemy, but hey, nobody's perfect. They move fast, they jump normally, AND... the best part... When they get low on health, they BLOW UP! KA-KA-KA- BOOOOOOOM!

The King of the Web

We all hate them... But in this mod, they are AMAZING! They run. They jump. They can even CLIMB WALLS! If you ever find yourself stuck in a deep hole, remember to pull out your trusty spider and climb right up those walls like you own the place!... But you kind of do... Hey, you paid 15-30 bucks for the game, you own the place.

Boss of the Dragons!

And now... What you've all been waiting for... The one... The only... The boss... The dragon... (Leave more in the comments) THE ENDER DRAGON!!!! He does EVERYTHING! He can fly! He can swim! He can walk! He looks like Toothless! He spawns in SO MANY DIFFERENT COLORS! Fly wherever you want, with extremely sharp turns and nice dives! He even flies BACKWARDS! And if you right-click him with flint and steel... He breathes FIRE! Got an enemy? All you have to do is right click and your enemies will BURN! Or anything will burn! It's a griefer's DREAM! All they have to do is fly up and burn down houses, kingdoms, even the EIFFEL TOWER!

Well, that does it for my first Mod Review. Here, I'll give you the download link:http://minecraft-minecraftmods.com/animal-bikes-mod.html
And there you go. That's it. Leave now. Stop reading this! Are you still reading this? STOP!! LEAVE!! LEAVE YOU IDIOT!
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06/16/2013 8:14 pm
Level 26 : Expert Nerd
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WOOHOO 1,000 VIEWS! Thanks guys!
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