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Avian Pack Update Log

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ElectrifiedAvian avatar ElectrifiedAvian
Level 28 : Expert Pixel Painter
Introducing Avian Pack
This is the worst pack you will find on the market also the first pack I have created
here I will log my progress with the pack and announce that this is TECHNICALLY a PVP pack since its the pack I'm going to use and I mainly pvp if you don't like PVP packs this isn't the pack for you
This pack is completely unique and all my own work
This pack will be for 1.8.9 but I may make a version of it for the latest version in the future now on to the logs
Day one (diamond tools and armor)

Day two (gold and iron armor and tools done)

Day three (survival gui)

Day four (some blocks)

Day five (apples, carrots, hoes,bow)

day six (ingots)

Day 7

Day 8 (ores, and bed)

CreditI stole the sounds from TimeDeo 2k pack shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

01/20/2021 1:31 pm
Level 29 : Expert uwu
DaniAdler avatar
It looks great!
01/20/2021 1:36 pm
Level 28 : Expert Pixel Painter
ElectrifiedAvian avatar
no it doesnt
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