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Ben 10 All Versions Blog January/Feburay

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LEGOSAM321 avatar LEGOSAM321
Level 43 : Master Wizard
Hey guys! Ghostfreak going pretty good! Just about to the Omniverse variants :)
Update: GHOSTFREAK IS COMPLETE! Next is not gonna be Cannonbolt but a surprise ;) See you all next month! It would be in a new post and this one will be removed from the collection.

What's up, gamers! Here is the wicked gamer cool epic Ghostfreak sneak peek!

Hey guys! Still have been a bit busy but I have only two upgrades to go! One of them is only a recolour.
Update (or should I say Upgrade): Upgrade is complete! Here is the original:

Hello! I'm back! I had some stuff on. Getting work on upgrade now!

Hello! Ripjaws is going really well :)
Update: Only 1 Ripjaws left to go! Having a break, though so I'll make him later :)
Update: Ripjaws is complete! Less versions than stinkfly, surprising tbh.

Hey guys! Stinkfly is all complete :) Here is the 5YL version;
Ripjaws is next up!

Sorry for not doing anything have been busy, getting right into it now :)
Update: Four Arms is complete! :D
Update: Just started Stinkfly;

Hello again! All the Wildmutts are almost complete. Here is a sneak peek of one of the versions;
Update: Wildmutt is complete! Here is the Ultimate skin;
Important: The Albedo versions will not be made ATM, but they will be there eventually :)

Update: Diamondhead is complete! Go check him out, please :)
Update: Sneaky Peeky
Update All XLR8s have been completed! Rember there is more than one in the description :)
Update: Had enough for today. Here is a park of Grey Matter, really like how the Omnitrix came out!
Update: Grey Matter is complete, my dudes!

Hello, guys! Gwen has been completed! Stay tuned for the rest of Max :)

Update: Max is complete! If I did miss any please tell me :)
Heatblast Sneek Peek!

Update: Heatblast complete! Next up Wildmutt :D
Update: Almost done all the Wildmutts but getting tired. I'll update tomorrow :)

Hello, guys! I have realised that I have made some mistakes with the original style Omnitrixces and forgot some versions from OS. I will be fixing this than doing the original aliens!

Update: Fixed all the Omnitrixces and added Gwen 10 versions.
Update 2: Finished all different Ben Tennysons except Ultra Ben and Glatic Forces Ben.
Update 3: All Ben 10 versions COMPLETE! Next up, the Gwens. If I did miss any please tell me :)
Update 4: Only one more Gwen to do and than Max. I really like the Sumo Slammer ones so far. Here is Gwen;
I think I have had enough skinning for today, I'll update you tomorrow! Bye!

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