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[Boomer's Blog] Zombies

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Boomer's Blog


I recently found myself playing on a server based on a zombie apocalypse, a DayZ re-creation if you will. As I cautiously ventured through the city streets I would notice little things that the zombies kept doing that gave me the idea that they were all retarded. Don't get me wrong I know there zombies and all but who gets stuck in a freaking door?

What I have noticed and seen:

[Zombie kids] They have kids that they don't take care of! I mean come on you just tell your kid to go attack a stranger just randomly? What the hell is that zombie moms?! Not to mention how did they even get on this earth? Your're dead zombies, lets keep it that way. Also whatever steroid that those little kid zombies are getting is working a little better than us average steves can handle. If you could craft a car, it wouldn't even matter cause those little twerps could catch you anyway.

[Door breaking]We've all had it happen to us, we're just sitting nice and cozy in are little home and you hear this knocking. But wait, it's not knocking it's a zombie attempting to break your door. In real life we could just let the weirdo give up and go away, but these damn zombies don't go away!!! They just keep hitting that door and that door keeps not breaking. I'd rather he just make a brownie on my brand new 1.6 carpet, set it on fire then GTFO!!!

[Door Failing] So you finally open up one of your double doors to go kill the "special" intruder for him to meet his demise. And you wait for him to come in, and wait, and wait, and wait... Until you realize he is knocking on your other freaking door completing missing the fact that the other one is open!? Maybe he just has a personal problem with doors, maybe he is prone to stupidity, or maybe he is just a zombie troll. Whatever his deal is you won't find out cause you waited to long and now it's day.

[Ghost Robbing] I'm sure not many of you have had this happen but I've seen it so I will share it. When your walking around at night not giving a rat's tail about all the mobs and come across a zombie. Hes minding his own business your minding your own and then you accidentally drop somethings, then it gets real. The zombie walks over your dropped item and picks the thing up! Your first reaction of course is to kill it cause who could live without that one thing? You finally bring it down with your bare diamond sword and go to receive your stolen item only to realize he had taken it to his second grave:o.




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08/07/2013 12:02 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Archer
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Lol funny ^_^
08/06/2013 12:10 am
Level 45 : Master Chef
WhitePrivilage_ avatar
this is soo well put
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