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Chronicles of Veninide - The Forsaking of the Lower Thurnin

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Thousands of years ago, during the First Great War, the Piglins had a saying amongst themselves. "Vakhu Bekuleinid lerni". Translated, this roughly means "All Piglins are allies". Piglins stick together. Whenever the soldiers' morale was low during their marches against the terrifying Elves, they would repeat this slogan. Vakhu Bekuleinid lerni. Even if they died, it would be for a greater cause. For their allies further westwards.

At this time, there was still close contact between the two great realms of the Piglins - the Uruduin and the Uthiduin, located in the Underworld and the Overworld respectively. The Thurnins (Rulers) of the two realms had a pact - if any of them were to face the threat of war, the other was to provide aid. And the Thurnin of Uruduin honoured his word, sending armies to the Overworld to help the Uthiduin again the Elves.

And then finally, the Elven forces began to retreat past the Karhun Mountains. The war was nearly won, when suddenly, Uruduin in the Underworld was attacked by an overwhelming force of Black Skeletons.

Greedy and afraid to win one war only to lose another, the Thurnin of Uthiduin decreed that all gateways to the Underworld were to be sealed, and creation of new gateways was forbidden. A rule that is still followed by the Piglins today.

But many were dissatisfied by this unfaithful rule of the Thurnin. An uprising started, but it was short lived, because the Thurning was as cowardly as he was faithless, and abdicated his throne.

Piglins in war today will sometimes sarcastically say to their fellow soldiers, "Vakhu Bekuleinid lerni".

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