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Combining Form and Function 🥰: Storage Areas

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Pineappleman83 avatar Pineappleman83
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Storage Area Featured Here: https://youtu.be/rN9JTaUvslg

How do you guys usually do your storage areas? I have a tough time organizing so, for this series I've opted to go for an organized mess, it has been pretty nice! Do you guys like making Redstone sorting systems?

TLDR; Worldbuilding helps make your world more immersive.

So, I want to give some unsolicited building advice for anyone interested. I talk about my six main building doctrines: Inspiration, Worldbuilding, Asymmetry, Dynamics, Organics, and Connections. This really hinges almost entirely on worldbuilding, for me. When you are building, your choices should be deliberate and consistent. And what do I mean by that, basically you want to make a set of rules for your main elements and gradients/details. In the meme I have moss taking over some of the portions of the build, and this is always bordered with mossy cobble and glow lichen, it is a rule I've set for my palette in this particular area that helps the builds feel more consistent. So everywhere you see moss, you'll also see mossy cobble, this set of rules mirrors some of the natural phenomena we can observe in real life and therefore makes the are feel more immersive.

For the storage itself, in this particular build, I'm implying that it has been long since abandoned due to some collapse but reinhabited by survivors at some point. So, my storage containers are organized in a fashion that seems like shop stalls or workstations, like this was a main hub for a group of survivors trying to rebuild with what they could find. In the meme you can also see a little art studio full of color. Touches like this help sell the story of your world. And that's the number one thing I suggest to new builders who are struggling to find a style, make up a very loose story or theme and make it your own! Hope this helps, I really enjoy this stuff and want to help you guys out so if you want more content, please check out the YT vids, I really appreciate the recent support, epic gamers 💜

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