Planet Minecraft Rules

Last revised: 08/24/2017 10:01 am

Planet Minecraft

What We Are

Planet Minecraft is a fan-created community where you are able to share your Minecraft skins, texture/resource packs, mods, maps, and projects with other Minecraft fans. Planet Minecraft was officially created in 2010.

What We Aren't

Planet Minecraft is not affiliated with Mojang in any official capacity. We do not sell Minecraft accounts or give them away for free. We do not deal with disputes between users and server owners. We are only here to share our Minecraft experiences with other Minecraft fans.


This section gives you information on what you are and are not allowed to do with your Planet Minecraft account, as well as various states your account may be in. The moderators and staff on Planet Minecraft have the right to lock or ban your account if necessary according to the rules listed below. These rules are in place to keep the community clean and safe.


You are allowed to make 1 Planet Minecraft account per individual. Having a Planet Minecraft account will grant you access to additional features within the site including commenting on submissions, giving diamonds on submissions, making a list of favorites submissions, subscribing to your favorite creators, and joining some of our advanced features like chat, the forums, and the official server.
There are very strict limitations for when you would be allowed to have a second account beyond your primary account. Exceptions should be requested via the Ticket system. You will need a solid reason as to why the new account will be used to fulfill a requirement that our site does not currently offer. On any accounts that are being used as alternates that have been allowed via exceptions/tickets, you must provide a link to the original account (or users using the account) on your About Me, so that the public is not lead into believing they are separate accounts and are aware as to who is running them. Creating additional accounts without explicitly being cleared will result in increased ban length, removal of new account(s), removal of submissions, etc. Please don't forget that you have the ability to change your name in your account settings! This is preferred in every case over making new accounts. These cases include, but are not limited to:
  • making accounts to comment, diamond or favorite on your submissions
  • making accounts to vote for your server
  • making accounts to spam any of the systems (please see those sections for more detailed information)
  • making accounts to bypass bans
  • making accounts to impersonate individuals that are not yourself
For more information regarding the Terms of Use of Planet Minecraft, please click here.

Name Changes

It is possible to get your username changed on Planet Minecraft. You can do so by visiting your account page. If the name you want is already taken but has not been logged in on or used in over one year, you may file a Ticket to request the name you wish to have.
The name change system may only be used for legitimate changes to your Planet Minecraft name. We reserve the right to revert name changes at any time if we deem them inappropriate. Using this system for jokes or other similar purposes are not allowed.

Personal Information

Planet Minecraft greatly respects your privacy and our policy is designed to protect that privacy. Specific information about our privacy policy is included below. The current official Privacy Policy located here and should be used if there is any confusion. The privacy policy located at the previous link will take precedence should there be a conflict between these two policies.


Your email address will never be shared with third parties. Your email address will only be used for account creation, account notices (forgot password and similar) and the occasional site news and announcements which can be opted out of.


Planet Minecraft staff will NEVER ask for your password. For security purposes, it is not possible for anyone to retrieve your password from the database as it is stored in an encrypted form. If anyone requests your password for any reasons, please notify a Super Mod or Admin immediately.

Log Files

Planet Minecraft uses IP addresses to analyze trends, administer the site, track user's movement, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. IP Addresses are not publicly linked to personally identifiable information.

Private Messaging

Messages between members, members and judges, members and moderators should not be shared without the consent of the other person. If there is reason to believe a person(s) may be involved in illegal/inappropriate activities, Super Moderators or Admin will look into them to determine if the reports are accurate. Findings will not be shared, as per the Privacy Policy stated before. Moderators will not go through your PMs without suspicion of possibly malicious activity.


Planet Minecraft uses third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit the website. These companies may use information about your visits to Planet Minecraft and other websites (not including your name, email address, or phone number) to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. For more information about this process, click here.

Notification of Changes

If the privacy policy is changed for any reason, those changes will be posted in the news area of the site. If there is a change in the way that personally identifiable information is used, this will be disclosed in an email to your email on file. You will be given the choice to accept or deny this change in policy, and the updated policy will not take affect on your information until it is accepted. All information will be used according to the terms of the privacy policy in which it was collected.

Notes and Contact

Planet Minecraft will never, under any circumstances, give away or display your IP address to third parties. Additionally, Planet Minecraft will never sell or transmit email addresses or other personal identifiers to 3rd parties. If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, please contact the administrators here.

Bans and Removal of Content

Planet Minecraft moderators employ a banning system for users who break these rules. Bans vary in length from a temporary ban in the affected section (Chat, Forums, Submissions, Server, etc.) to a permanent site-wide ban. Moderators reserve the right to ban any user as necessary.
Ban rules and reasons vary from section to section on the site. The following sections will detail when, how, and why bans will be given in these sections.
If you believe that a moderator has made a mistake in their deliberation, or you feel that their decision was unnecessary or incorrect, please remember that communication is key. Disrespect, flaming, and other disruptive behaviors during your appeal will likely result in your issue being ignored, regardless of correctness. Follow the steps below to appeal your ban:

  1. Remain calm. Moderators are humans - sometimes they will make mistakes.
  2. Send a Private Message to the moderator who has banned you or removed your content, do not post about this publicly in the forums, chat, or other submissions.
  3. If you do not understand the reason for removal, kindly ask the moderator to explain it to you.
  4. Ask them if there is anything that you can do to fix the issue.
  5. If the moderator is being disrespectful or you feel as if they are singling you out, please send a message to a moderator of higher rank.
People commonly ask if they can become moderators. This forum thread??should help answer those questions.


Once you create an account, you have ownership of that account. There are some guidelines for accounts and account ownership.
If you willingly give your account details to someone else (such as a friend or relative), you are giving them shared ownership of your account. You, the creator of the account, will be held responsible for any actions that occur on the account in this case. If your account is hacked or otherwise compromised, please contact a Supermod and the Admin through the tickets system. They will do what they can to help you repair your account and keep it secure. You will not be held responsible for actions taken by someone who compromised your account if there is sufficient proof that this was the case. Please note that leaving your account logged in does not constitute a compromise of your account, it is your responsibility to maintain the security of your login credentials.


All members on Planet Minecraft are subject to the same set of rules and guidelines - this includes moderators and special guests. There are no exceptions to rules here for any reason unless otherwise specified.
Users may not benefit from their misinterpretation or any ambiguity of a rule herein. These rules are written with a specific interpretation, and deliberately changing their meaning to try to gain an advantage or dispute a claim is not acceptable. These rules are written to be as clear as possible. If there is a gray area, the intentions of the rule will be made clear as the moderators enforce the rule the same regardless of whether you or another user are misinterpreting it.


Experience points are one of the features that set Planet Minecraft apart from other Minecraft community sites. Your uploads in the projects, skins, texture packs, and mods sections will earn you experience points for your account. Currently, your experience points show your current 'level' and allow you access to different user ranks on the site. The primary purpose of experience points are as a method to show how active you are within the Planet Minecraft community. Users that attempt to game the system and gather experience points without merit will be punished according to the guidelines below. The moderators and Planet Minecraft community do not encourage cheating this system, and therefore cheaters will be punished with having their content removed, receiving temporary bans, and possibly permanent bans. Experience points are meant to be a fun incentive to improve the quality of what is submitted to this site and will not be used competitively in any way.


Respect and Safety

It is not acceptable to insult, harass, or flame other users on Planet Minecraft. Please be patient and respectful towards others, even if they are not showing the same courtesy towards you. If you are being flamed, please contact a staff member through the tickets system and they will resolve the issue. If another user is leaving insulting comments on your work, delete their comments and add them to your ignore list. Users on your ignore list cannot comment on your submissions, nor can they reply to comments you leave on other submissions. You can do this by selecting the "Delete and add to ignore list" option that appears when removing the comment. Retaliation will not be tolerated.
To further protect users from possible danger such as epilepsy, do not post any images that flash, make various and/or loud noises or a combination of the two. This is to prevent any epileptic attack that could strike any user that may have the condition from possible harm. In addition, it is also to prevent anyone from weak hearts or might be prone to anxiety attacts from suffering any medical injury that might be fatal.


No profanity of any kind is allowed on Planet Minecraft. This includes swearing as well as the discussion of inappropriate topics. Certain slang such as abbreviations meant to convey swears are included in this, regardless of whether or not you believe you censored yourself enough. The use of * (asterisks) or $#!&(symbol mashing) to censor words is still deemed as evasion of the profanity rule. If you have nothing to hide, don't censor the word. Discussions or debates deemed controversial in nature are also banned from the site. There's a time and a place for everything, and a family-friendly Minecraft fan site isn't the place for heavily opinionated, political, religious, etc. arguments. This rule applies across all visible areas of the site including submission comments, submissions themselves, the forums, the chatroom, etc.

Only English on Site

Planet Minecraft is a site accessed by thousands of users and hosted in the United States. English is the primary language for most people viewing and uploading submissions, do not speak or submit descriptions solely in another language. This is to make moderation easier as well as making it easier for viewers to read about a project's description.


Do not, under any circumstances, post a thread, submission, forum post, or chat entry complaining about abuse or other wrong-doing of a specific server, Minecraft player, or Planet Minecraft user. If someone has wronged you by breaking a Planet Minecraft rule, report them using the regular reporting channels or contact a moderator for the section that the issue took place in. Planet Minecraft is not responsible for the conduct of any Minecraft server or player. Complaining publicly will not resolve the issue and is not tolerated.


Acting as if in a position of power to ban, pointing out that a member has broken a rule, requesting a Moderator action publicly or any similar practices is called Minimodding, or Minimod for short. This causes more fights to break out as people don't have the ability, but act as though they have real authority.

Using Planet Minecraft to organize teams

As Planet Minecraft is a large website, it is a good place for users who wish to start a group or team. Users are encouraged to use the community to help produce new, original content. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind if you want to use Planet Minecraft as a medium for starting a group or team.
  • Advertising cheating, spamming, hacking or griefing groups is not allowed.
  • You may only advertise groups if they are contributing to the community rather than taking away from it.
  • Use the proper area of the forums or chat to post about recruitment, do not use the submissions section.

Advertising your Planet Minecraft work

Advertising on Planet Minecraft is an easy and useful tool to promote your work publicly. There are rules that you must abide by when advertising your work. First and foremost, the ability to advertise is not permission to spam your submission or server all over the site or forums. Doing so will result in a ban and the submission being disabled or removed. Second, do not double post, this is considered spam and may incur bans to your account. Double posting also includes creating separate submissions for consecutive updates of the same project or work. If you have worked further on a previous submission, update the original submission and add an entry to the update log. Finally, when advertising in chat you can only advertise once every 15 minutes. Having other people advertise your submissions for you to circumvent this 15 minute limit is considered spam and will not be tolerated. Moving between rooms in chat in order to advertise more often than allowed is forbidden and will result in harsher punishments. Failing to comply by these rules will result in infractions and chat bans being placed on your account.

Forbidden Advertising Practices

There are several methods in which you may advertise your work as listed above. The following list is a sample of practices that will result in the removal of submissions and/or bans placed on your account. This is a non-exhaustive list! While we try to account for everything, please contact us if you are unsure if your specific situation would be against our rules.
(in the list below, "XP" refers to diamonds, favorites, comments or views. Subscriptions are also included in this, though they don't provide experience points)
  • Requesting XP via questions/polls ("diamond if you agree")
  • Providing rewards for XP
  • Coerce users with potential updates or new content if they give you XP/you reach a specific milestone.
  • Forcing users to give your submission XP (or votes, in the case of servers; voting must be optional) via an in-game link or other similar systems.
  • Trading XP or subscriptions with other users (i.e. Sub-for-sub, Diamond-for-Diamond, etc.)
  • Using bots of any kind (including advertising in chat) for boosting your XP
  • Using additional accounts to give XP to your submissions
  • Use any exploit or glitch in the system to alter your stats
  • Giving XP as a prize in community contests

Advertising External Websites/Commercial Advertising

The term 'commercial activity' mentioned in the following section includes any action involving monetary transactions, whether it is the user selling or buying a product/service. Exceptions can be made (think of charities), but they're very rare and you should not expect to have one.

The use of Planet Minecraft to obtain free advertising or to promote other websites is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, posting referral links to other websites. Posting on the site, forums, or chatroom is for non-commercial purposes only. You may not post in any manner which promotes, or is intended to promote or generate revenue, for a business enterprise, or commercial activity. This includes, but is not limited to, individuals selling items, persuading a user to endorse a page on a social media site in return for reward or gain, or posting through link shortening services such as AdFly. For acceptable use of AdFly, please see the appropriate section below under the Submission Guidelines. Posting advertising content such as this is prohibited in all areas of the site, including forum signatures and your about me section, and ignoring this guideline will result in a ban. Posting advertisements for any site that is intended to perform a service that Planet Minecraft is intended to perform, such as server listing, is not permitted.

Illegal activities

Below is a list of any activity that would be qualified as illegal due to legal liabilities and possible financial harm.
  • Any references to drugs; use, selling, distributing, or role playing
  • Gambling of any kind including Bitcoin or Bit Vegas
  • Roleplaying sexual or pornographic scenes
  • Promoting racism, sexism, or hate groups
  • Encourage stealing/unauthorized reproduction or copying, thievery, or deceiving practices
  • Discussion of hacking/exploiting

You are allowed to list official websites for your server in the submission for that server, server threads in the forum, your signature, and in the correct room of Planet Minecraft Chat.
Posting links to virused websites, scam sites that advertise free Minecraft accounts, links to servers that promote gambling, jump scares, websites that could cause seizures, or links to pornography or illegal content will result in a permanent ban.

Chatroom Guidelines

The chatroom is provided for Planet Minecraft users to get to know each other, discuss ideas, speak to the moderators who are online, share their work on Planet Minecraft, and promote their servers. There are several different chat rooms available, and certain activities are only allowed in certain rooms. Please check the Rules on the chatroom page for more information.
If you receive an infraction for breaking the rules of chat, you will receive a notification. After receiving three infraction points, a user will be automatically kicked from chat for a period of time. Subsequent kicks due to infractions will be longer and eventually result in a permanent ban. Chat moderators can immediately kick or ban a user from chat at their own discretion according to the rules listed above.


  1. It is expected of all members to read the rules and guidelines of the site before using the chat.
  2. No warnings are given for chat infractions, the rules listed are sufficient warning. When a user breaks a rule, report them and leave it to moderators, do not minimod. A detailed guide to the infractions can be found here.
  3. No spamming (this includes walls of text, excessive caps, ASCII art, keyboard mashing, etc)
  4. Do not request personally identifiable information.
  5. Link/URL shorteners are not allowed; the only shortener allowed is the PMC Link Abridger. Do not post links to direct downloads.
  6. Profanity or inappropriate language is not allowed, this includes acronyms and innuendos. Censoring profanity will be counted as using profanity still. Harassment and hurtful behaviour is also not allowed.
  7. Anyone posting links to pornographic/disturbing material, flasher/screamer sites or anything that could cause an epilepsy attack will be permanently banned.
  8. Server talk belongs in Server hall. (Here is how to change rooms.) Attempting or successfully persuading members into the server hall from any other room is still considered a violation of this rule. Cracked/Drug servers are not allowed on PMC Chat.
  9. Advertising may only be done once every 15 minutes. If a user asks you for information that would be considered an advertisement and you've advertised in the last 15 minutes, you may whisper it to them; however, you may not whisper ads to people who have not specifically asked you for the information. Multiple links in one message count as multiple ads. Room-hopping advertisements are not tolerated. Multiple members cannot advertise the same subject simultaneously. Using bots/macros to advertise for you is also not tolerated.
  10. Roleplays should be done in the forums.

Forum Guidelines


The forums are a place to have different discussions with other Minecraft players, ask questions about the site and game, talk about forming groups and videos, and joining other players in making wonderful content. The specific guidelines for using the forums are below.


The forums are broken up into a large number of sections. Each section has a specific set of subforums to help you find the exact place to post your question, comment, or request. The sections that are available on the forums are as follows:

The Site

The Site section of the forums houses the Rules and FAQs, News and Announcements, and the Site Discussion and Support subforums. The Rules and FAQs subforum is designed to provide you with easy access to find all of the rules on the site, as well as some guides on using the different site features. The News and Announcements subforum contains any announcements or news about new features, contests, and changes to the site that might take place, such as the posting of these new rules, or adding the ability to change your forum theme. The Site Discussion and Support section is where you should post if there are any problems using the site, such as noticing something that is broken, or to suggest new features for the site. Some of the threads and subforums may not be available for you to post in.

Minecraft Discussion

The Minecraft Discussion section of the forums contains the Introductions, Discussion, Minecraft Xbox Edition, Minecraft Pocket Edition, and Ghosts in the Code subforums. The Introductions subforum is to introduce yourself to the different users on the forums. The Discussion subforum is to discuss things about the PC edition of Minecraft. The Xbox and Pocket Edition subforums are for discussing Minecraft specifically from those platforms, and not for the main PC version. The Ghosts in the Code subforum is to discuss Herobrine and other conspiracies of Minecraft.

Minecraft Servers

The Minecraft Servers section of the forums contains the Servers, Hamachi/Offline Servers, Server Recruitment, and Server Events subforums. The Servers subforum is a place to share your server with other players. The Hamachi and Offline servers subforum is for posting servers that run through Hamachi or are advertised as not using the online mode setting on the server. The Server Recruitment subforum is for server owners to recruit players for staff positions. You may only post your server in a single thread and may not post about it in other server threads unless the other thread specifically allows it. The Server Events subforum is for posting about upcoming major events hosted in your server. Only one thread per month is allowed. If you have multiple events taking place in a single month, post them all on the same thread.


The Creations section of the forums contains the Recruitment and Teamwork, Skinning, Texture Packs, Building, Redstone, Modding, and Graphics and Artwork subforums. The Recruitment and Teamwork subforum is for posting recruitment threads for collaborative projects, such as large mods, buildings, texture packs, etc. Do not post more than one thread for your project or team. The Skinning subforum is for discussion about all aspects of skinning. The Texture Packs, Building, Redstone, and Modding subforums are similar to the skinning subforum with regard to their respective topics. The Graphics and Artwork subforum is for graphic work such as original drawings and other artwork.

Minecraft Workshop

The Minecraft Workshop section of the forums contains the Shops, and Requests and Community Challenges subforums. The Shops and Requests subforum is where you can request or offer your services for the creation of things that would be discussed in the Creations section. If you are offering your services to other players, only create a single thread for this. You may NOT ask for or offer a price for these creations. The Community Challenges subforum is where you can challenge your fellow Planet Minecraft members to greater victories and fancier structures. Please note that if prizes are offered for a challenge or contest outside of the official Planet Minecraft contests, Planet Minecraft is not responsible for those prizes. Minecraft accounts are not an acceptable prize and all mention of account code giveaways will be removed.


The Help section of the forums contains the Minecraft Help, Server Help, and General Help subforums. The Minecraft Help subforum is for questions regarding Minecraft and problems that you have in the game. The Server Help subforum is for people to ask questions about how to properly set up and run a server. The General Help subforum is for questions that don't fit either of these categories. Remember that help with issues on the Planet Minecraft site belong in the subforum for that which is in The Site section.


The YouTube section of the forums contains the Videos and Channels, and Planning and Recruitment subforums. The Videos and Channels subforum is for sharing awesome videos or channels that you have found or created on YouTube. Only post a single thread about any one channel. The Planning and Recruitment subforum is similar to the Recruitment and Teamwork subforum in the Creations section, but instead, it has to do with planning and recruiting for YouTube.

Everything Else

The Everything Else section of the forums contains the General Discussion, Gaming and Technology, Your Creations, Hubs, Forum Roleplays, and Forum Games subforums. The General Discussion subforum is for any discussion that does not fit in one of the subforums mentioned above. The Gaming and Technology subforum is for discussing new games and technology that you have heard about. The Your Creations subforum is for showing off things that you have made in real life or for other games. The Hubs, Forum Roleplays, and Forum Games subforums are for the different forum creations that fit those categories.


The Archive section of the forums contains old or deleted topics so that they can be referenced later. Items that are deleted for breaking the rules will go to these subforums. Note that this section is not visible to members below the rank of forum moderator.

General Rules

The forums follow the same rules regarding respect of the other members as the rest of the site. Please see the list of rules for the chatroom for the general guidelines of behavior on the forums. In addition to those items, there are the following rules:
  • Do not make more than one thread for the same topic, question, or request. Posting twice in the same subforum or one time in several different subforums about the same topic is against the rules.
  • Do not spam the forums to increase your post count.
  • Do not post threads outside of the section that they belong in. If you have questions on where to post, ask.
  • Do not use excessive formatting in your post such as colors, icons, images, links, or spoiler tags.
  • Do not post threads about the misconduct of another member or player such as ban lists, moderation disputes, or arguments with other players.
  • Do not divert discussion from the main topic of the thread.
  • Do not bump more than once in a 24 hour period. A "bump" is a post that does not contribute to the thread at hand, and whose aim is to move a thread to the top of the recent posts in the forum (ex. "Anyone?", "Still need help!", "Hello?", "Bump"). Any reply can bump a thread however. You should only bump a thread if 24 hours has passed since the last post/reply, including the original post, regardless of if the post was yours or if it was or wasn't a "bump".


The following guidelines are to help you when reporting something on the forums, as well as to steer you away from things that can get your post moved or deleted.

How to Report Something

If you see a post that goes against these rules and the guidelines listed below, please click on the Report button indicated by the triangle with the '!' in it. Select the appropriate reason for the report and provide a detailed description of the issue and then click submit so that a Moderator can handle the problem.

I want to make a new thread about XYZ

First, hold up. We know that you have a brilliant suggestion, idea, or thought, but please double check to see if you have a mind clone somewhere who has already made a post about that issue. It is much better for you to share your thoughts where other people are already having a discussion, and you may find information that someone else has already posted that will answer your question or make you think differently. We encourage open discussion (as long as it remains appropriate) and hope that people will work on discussion together instead of everyone trying to be the first post.

A moderator or user did something I don't like!

While you may want to rant about what someone has done, we do not allow that on the forums. If you have problems with a user, we have options that will allow you to block users from commenting on your submissions or contacting you so that you do not need to hear from them (these functions do not work against moderators for obvious reasons). If you are having a problem with a moderator, please contact a Super Moderator and respectfully explain the issue. Do not try to contact the developers as they will not reply to such messages.

Someone posted in the wrong section of the forums

Sometimes people get mixed up over where to post something on the forums, and that is ok. When that happens, kindly let a moderator know so that they can move the thread to the appropriate location. The only reason someone will be punished is if they intentionally post in the wrong area.

Someone posted something inappropriate

Report any posts that contain inappropriate content immediately so that we can correct the issue as soon as possible. We follow the same guidelines for the forums as we do for general submissions and we will deal harshly with those who post inappropriate content in the forum area.

My post disappeared, what happened?

First, make sure that your post was not moved for being in the wrong section or combined with a similar thread on the forums. As mentioned above, these things sometimes happen and if so your post can move. If you had a post that was inappropriate, or made on an inappropriate discussion, there is a chance that the post or thread was deleted or moved to our moderator archive for evidence. You have the ability to search all of your posts from your forum profile as a last resort, with the most recent posts returning at the top.

Submission Guidelines

The Prime Directive

The primary purpose for the Submissions area of Planet Minecraft is to allow users to share their original creations with other Minecraft players around the world. This requires that you follow our primary rule regarding content, which is that all content must be created by you. If you submit content that was not created entirely by you, the submission will be deleted and you will be banned according to the guidelines listed below. Any type of content not covered by a submission section is most likely best suited for the forums.

Unoriginal Content

The following list is a partial list of different ways of creating content that are not original work. Interpretation of these items is based on the consensus of the mod team and will be used if there is confusion.
  • Generating content with a program
  • Tracing an existing work
  • Using parts of an existing work in your own work, also called remixing
  • Uploading subsections of a submission separately from the main submission

Edited Content

When you are modifying a work that was created by someone else, you absolutely must follow the guidelines below. Failure to do so will be treated as stolen content and will result in the removal of the submission and a ban placed on your account. Follow the guidelines below if you would like to create a modified version of someone else's work. Modified work is not allowed in any form in the Skin section, regardless of the following guidelines.

  1. All modified content must have the permission of the original creator to modify or use the work. Proof must be provided at the top of the submission and be either specific to you, or broad towards all users in the community. Stating who originally made the work is not permission, and you are never allowed to post someone else's work on their behalf, regardless of permission.
  2. You must change a significant portion of the work. The general rule of thumb is that if it is not very obvious that the creation is different, the item is not allowed. This also includes changes made to your own submissions such as multiple colors of the same skin, which should all be loaded to the same submission.

Greenlight Process

To prevent spam, any user posting a mod or texture pack must be level 2 or higher. If you only create mods or texture packs and would like to request access to post your mods at level 1, read the following instructions. Please note that part of the greenlight process is verifying that your modification or texture pack does not fall under the categories listed above as Unacceptable. To submit a request for greenlight, please provide the following information when you upload your submission.


  • A link to a complete writeup of the mod and what it does, with a download link. This can be somewhere such as the MC Forums or a wiki for the mod.
  • A complete list of all new recipes and items, if any, with pictures.
  • Pictures and descriptions of any new interfaces added by the mod.
  • A description of all new mobs added by the mod, if any, with pictures.
  • A detailed description of any new mechanics that are added by the mod, including pictures if possible.

Texture packs

  • A link to your working texture pack.
  • A complete list of textures that were changed either in the description or with pictures.
  • Pictures and description to accurately present your submission to the community.

Please note that we cannot install mods and texture packs for testing security reasons and the amount of time needed to properly examine all of the new content in a acceptable mod or texture pack is much greater than that needed to read a well written description of the submission's additions and changes. Remember that we want information on all of the components of the mod or texture pack, so do not include information such as "you will know when you see it" or other mysterious comments.

I am the Original Author, though!

There are times when a member from Minecraft Forums wishes to join ours and upload their work here. To prevent impersonation, it would be helpful to message a Site Moderator if you are indeed the true mod author or texture pack artist.

Offensive Characters

There are certain characters that are offensive or inappropriate for posting on the Planet Minecraft community that will be deleted if found. In certain specific instances such as for educationally purposes or in historical contexts, the characters or topics listed below may be permitted. However for all other situations, they are not allowed to be posted on Planet Minecraft. This list is subject to change:
  • Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party
  • Osama bin Laden
  • Pedobear
  • Nude or Explicit characters
  • Racist or stereotypical characters
The allowed use of any of these characters or topics in a submission must first be approved by a moderator before creating the submission. To do this, submit a ticket explaining in full how the character/topic will be used and provide any necessary supporting materials to be as clear as possible. Using the character/topic differently than described in your ticket or using it if your request has been denied will result in a ban and the deletion of your submission.


Once you have reached level 20, will you be able to post links in your download boxes for your submissions. The use of links is prohibited for users?below level 20. If links are found on the submission of an account below level 20, the submission will be disabled until the links are removed. Repeat offences will result in a ban. If you do choose to use or a similar service, please include a direct download link as well.
Chaining links or any other ad based link services together is also against the rules. Only 1 ad page is allowed between PMC and the download page.

Update Log

The update log is only to be used for major updates, changes, or additions to your submission. This includes large changes or additions to blocks in projects, pixels and textures in skins and packs, text in blogs, adding a download for the first time, etc. Listing small changes is considered update log abuse and repeated abuse will result in the deletion of your submission(s). This includes but is not limited to:
  • Minor title/description/content changes
  • Adding or editing videos, pictures, or banners that do not show a substantial change in the content
  • Announcements that are not updates
  • Advertisements for server or other submissions
  • Bumping a submission/blank logs
Note: The Update log does not bump server submissions. The Bump Submission button is there for that purpose instead. You can only bump your server submission once every 24 hours.

Banning Guidelines

The following list is the general guidelines that the moderation team will follow when providing bans to players for breaking these rules. These are not set in stone and the moderator's judgement will be used in the case of extensive rule breaking or repeated offenses. Please note that offenses are where an item is removed for breaking a rule, not when an item is disabled to change a mistake. Site bans are separate from forum bans and will not prevent access or posting on the forum. To contest a ban or deletion, please respectfully contact the moderator that remove the submission. There are a number of things that can result in higher bans than those listed below being given, including but not limited to, posting content that was previously removed, posting stolen content in a site contest, posting a large number of rule breaking items, and posting certain types of content. Certain rules will result in an immidiate permanent ban, such as posting viruses, pornagraphic material, and other inapropriate or dangerous content. Leniency may be granted for mistakes based on the time since the last ban.
  • 1st Offense: You will receive a 1 day ban from submitting on the site.
  • 2nd Offense: A 3 day ban will be provided for a second offense.
  • 3rd Offense: A week ban will be provided for a third offense.
  • 4th Offense: 4th Offenses will result in a 2 week ban from the site.
  • 5th Offense: The 5th offense will result in a month ban, this is the last straw.
  • 6th Offense: A permanent ban is assigned at the 6th offense, preventing further submission to the site.

When in Doubt

If you are not sure about a submission that you have created, contact a Site Moderator and ask.


What is a Planet Minecraft blog

Unlike some of the definitions present on the internet, a "blog", on Planet Minecraft, is defined as a piece of written content, that brings a significant contribution to either Minecraft, the Minecraft community, the Planet Minecraft community, or Planet Minecraft itself. Items that do not meet this criteria may still be allowed in the forums, though care should be taken to make sure that they go in the correct section, which may be listed above. Blogs must be at least 350 characters to be posted to prevent some spam. This is only slightly longer than the first paragraph in these rules. Episodic content must be posted all in one blog, the only exception to this is when your submission exceeds 65535 characters.

Acceptable Blogs

The following categories of blog are acceptable in the Blog section. Anything outside of these categories either belongs in the forums or does not belong on Planet Minecraft.
  • Tutorials: These are blogs that are meant to teach people something.
  • Art: Drawings, paintings, and comics are considered written content. However, there are a couple of minor limitations. You are allowed only one art blog, and an art blog must have more than one piece of art in it. Usual spam rules apply, as always.
  • Vlogs/Let's Plays: Videos on their own are considered a medium of written content. Please note however that writing a short description of the video is recommended, so to not limit the readability.
  • Reviews: These blogs provide a constructive opinion about a game, Minecraft feature, server, or other item. Using reviews as a way to advertise submissions, servers, etc. is considered spam and must be taken to the forums. In order to qualify as a review, you should include what you like about the item, what you didn't like, and a possible score or even recommendation about it. Slander is not tolerated and will result in a ban.
  • Journals/Experiences: Relating what happened to you in your Minecraft world, sharing your feelings and events that happened to you either in the game or while on a server.
  • Articles/Opinions: These blogs include research and well-thought ideas, or opinions about Minecraft, Planet Minecraft, or the community. Slander is not tolerated and will result in a ban.
  • Stories: Creations made of the written word with the purpose to entertain with fantastic events that don't normally happen in the real world. Creating fictions to blacklist, attack, flame someone will not be tolerated and will result in the story being removed.
  • Constructive Criticism: A blog in which you constructively criticise an individual/object/thing, this is different to a "rant" (See Below). Constructive criticism is defined as a piece of work that picks apart and critiques a person or thing and possibly gives advice on how this person/thing could change. Slander, or the misrepresentation of the person or thing, is not tolerated and will result in a ban.
  • Interviews: A blog type in which a person (interviewer) asks another (interviewee) a series of questions relating to their life and personality. It must be a living, breathing person and not a fake item, block, creature, or concept. This includes Steves, Herobrines, Creepers, etc. Interviews with yourself are introductions and belong in the forums as there is already a section dedicated for members to know you better. As a note, inappropriate questions or those that reveal personal information are not allowed

Unacceptable Blogs

The following is a list of the content that are no longer considered blogs for the Blog section of Planet Minecraft and instead belong in the Planet Minecraft forums.
  • Advertisements: Blogs solely to advertise a server, other submissions, youtube channels, or forum threads are considered Spam. Creating blog posts to advertise another member or their submissions are also not allowed as blogs and should be posted in the forums instead.
  • Spam/Nonsense/Random: The making of a blog by the slamming of the keyboard, the tying of a single/few characters, not-words, sentences that make no sense, follow any order or a character(s) pressed to reach the minimum limit is considered spam. These types of blogs require minimal effort and are, therefore, not blogs which are written pieces of content that provide constructive feedback to the community.
  • Subscriber/Introduction Blogs: These submissions do not provide any useful content to the community. There is a section in the forums for introductions and subscriber blogs do not provide something additional to the work that was already provided.
  • Recruitment/Teams/Groups: Recruitment, Teams, and Groups are not allowed within the blog section, there is an area of the forums specifically dedicated to this.
  • Contests: There is a section of the forums dedicated to player-created contests. Raffles are also counted as contests.
  • Shops and Requests: There are two sections of the forums dedicated to this. One being for members requesting stuff to be created and one for members to take requests.
  • Questions: Blogs are not the place to ask questions or ask for help. Please post them in the forums under their correct section.
  • Skin Series: These are only re-advertisements of previous skins created. These do not belong in blogs. Post them in the Skinning section of the forums.
  • Blacklist/Member Complaints: Creating lists or blogs to attack, harass, or demean users, organizations or groups will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. Making a blog about a Moderator's removal or decision will also not be tolerated and will result in a removal of the submission. If you have a problem, contact the Moderator in question or in general to bring up questions and/or concerns you may have. You can find the full team here.
  • Specials and Announcements: Reaching any form of milestone such as a certain number of subscribers, time since registration with the site, etc. is not a reason to create a blog. Planet Minecraft is not a social media application and that sort of information should be kept in the "About Me" section of your profile.
  • Site Complaints and Petitions: If you have any issue with the site, its content, its moderators or its users then do not create a blog to complain about it or appeal against it. The same applies to petitions to make changes to the site or anything in it as these will in no way encourage the developers or moderators to make the change that you have suggested. If you have a complaint, message one of the Site Moderators or Super Moderators and if you have a petition to make then please post it in the forums.
  • Rants: Blogs designed to vent anger, frustration, and/or disappointment in a person, game, product, submission, or mechanic. These do not provide a significant contribution to the site other than to release steam over something that you do not agree with or agree with while others might disagree.
  • Lists: Creating Blogs such as 100 ways to Die in Minecraft, Top 5 Texture Packs of 2014, and similar lists are not allowed. It takes minimal effort and would be better discussion for the forums as others may have differing opinions on what is the best or worst of any given subject. This also includes listing new features added to the game.


What is a mod?

On Planet Minecraft the term Mod, which is short for Modification, is used as a general catch-all term for content created that uses programming and/or scripting languages to perform tasks. This includes Minecraft mods, Bukkit Plugins, and external software related to Minecraft. Software outside of these categories is not allowed.

Unacceptable Mods

There are several types of submissions that may appear to meet the definition of a mod that are not allowed on Planet Minecraft. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Mod Packs: These almost always include content that is pulled from multiple sources and is not allowed. If you are the sole author of all of the mods in the modpack, you may post one as long as none of the mods are posted on Planet Minecraft individually.
  • Simple Mods: These submissions are mods that do not add new functionality to Minecraft, or simply add functions designed to allow cheating. Mods such as new tools, ores, mobs, or recipes for things like diamonds generally fall into this category if they are not adding something new to the game.
  • Generated Mods: Mods created by software, such as a program to make new human mobs from a skin, or similar, are not allowed. Please see the guideline about program-generated content above.
  • Inappropriate Mods: Mods that reference inappropriate content such as drugs, illegal activity, nudity, etc. are not allowed.
  • Cheats: Mods that are designed to assist in cheating (X-Ray, free items, dirt to diamonds, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Hacks/Viruses: Any mod that is posted to steal account information, bypass the account authentication process, or perform any function against the Minecraft Terms of Service or is otherwise illegal is not allowed and will result in an immediate and permanent ban for the 1st Offense.
  • Shaderpacks: Anything that uses vertex and fragment shaders.
  • Installers/Launchers:No installers that contain malware/adware are allowed, and there must be a direct download link visible on the page.
  • Addons: Addon mods are not allowed; they are commonly just configuration files.


What is a Planet Minecraft project?

A project is a collection of blocks for Minecraft and can be posted as a complete world save, a schematic, or simply a set of images showing it off. There are some minimum guidelines that must be followed that are outlined below.

Minimal Project Requirements

  • A suitable title related to your project.
  • In-game screenshots of your project to show members what you have created.
  • A clear Description explaining the project and what it is.
  • If the project requires specific modifications to function, it is highly recommended that you supply links to the modifications required to run it. You are not required to provide support for these modifications, but to reduce user confusion (which may lead to false reports), you should always mark what modifications the project requires.

Tools for Building

You can use assistive third-party tools such as MCEdit, WorldEdit, and VoxelSniper to create your project as they are simply tools to aid in the creation of the content. Tools such as Spritecraft or binvox that convert an image or model into a minecraft build are not allowed as they are generating the content from an existing work that is very likely not yours.

Unacceptable Projects

The following is a partial list of submissions that are not allowed in the Projects section of Planet Minecraft. These submissions will be deleted and you will be banned.
  • Not Blocks: Anything that is not a construction built in the game is not allowed. These include, but are not limited to, animations, drawings, and/or let's plays.
  • Program-Generated Content: Anything that is created by a third-party tool (mod, program, etc.) using the software to create something from a pre-existing template or model is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to importing CAD models, images, or other data is prohibited. It is acceptable to start with an existing heightmap for custom terrain, but you must perform significant alteration beyond simply importing the data and allowing the tool to generate the land. Proof that a project follows this guideline is required and can be requested in the case of a dispute.
  • Default Worlds, Amplified Worlds, Seeds and Flatmaps: Default Worlds and Amplified are great to show off if you generate a cool spawn, but they are not by themselves projects and require additional user created content to be considered a project. Seeds and flatmap presets are simply a string of characters used to generate a world to specific settings. While you are certainly allowed to share the seed or flatmap setting that was used in your world with your epic castle, you are not allowed to post a seed or flatmap by itself. The land created by a seed or flatmap config is generated solely by the game and is considered program-generated content.
  • Pixel Art: While it is possible to create original pixel art, almost all pixel art is created through software programs like Spritecraft or simply copied from an image by hand. This is against the Program-Generated content and Tracing guidelines. If you have original pixel art that you would like to post, please do so on the forums.


What is a server?

A server is where users are able to play Minecraft multiplayer and in the case of Planet Minecraft, is accessible over the public internet using a verified account. This means that servers that run through VPN services such as Hamachi are not allowed in the Servers section, nor are servers that advertise themselves as being cracked. Servers working through Hamachi or without user authentication can be posted in this forum section.
To be postable here on PlanetMinecraft, a server must follow these two basic rules:
  • The server must be uniquely identifyable by its IP/port. We do not support proxy setups such as BungeeCord; if your server's IP/port technically points to multiple servers, the MOTD system will automatically remove any matches.
  • The server must be joinable and playable from the IP/port/hostname in the box. The server must not be a dummy (kicking users asking them to join another server) and it must not have other IPs/hostnames listed on the page to "join to play".

Who can post a server?

Servers can only be posted by the server Owner. We recognize the user that has access to edit the servers properties file to be an owner and such access is required to post a server on Planet Minecraft. Admins, moderators, and other users of a server are not allowed to make a listing on Planet Minecraft for a server that they do not own. Users that create a server listing using false information or to attach another server will have the listing removed and will be banned, with the malicious listing getting a longer ban.

How many times can a server be posted?

Server listings are only allowed once for any given server on Planet Minecraft. While there are controls in place to prevent a server from being posted more than once, if a user is found to be doing so, their server listing will be deleted and their server added to our blacklist, which prevents the server from being posted again.

Unacceptable Servers

The following types of servers will not be allowed on the Planet Minecraft listings in any form.
  • Illegal/Inappropriate RP Servers: Servers that promote or roleplay illegal or inappropriate activities such as drug use are not allowed on Planet Minecraft. Posting a server of this type will result in an extended or permanent ban.
  • No Screenshots: Servers without any in-game screenshots of the server itself from in the game are not allowed. Server listings are required to have a minimum level of effort placed into them to be shown on Planet Minecraft and having in-game screenshots allows players to better decide if they would like to join the server.

The Server Blacklist

The server blacklist is a list of servers that are not allowed to post on Planet Minecraft in any form because of prior infractions. This list is private and is only accessible to the Site Mod team and above. This is usually due to repeated spamming or similar actions while ignoring warnings. Posting a blacklisted server on Planet Minecraft will result in the immediate deletion of the server listing and a permanent ban from the site. For this reason, it is important that only the server owner create the listing for the server as it will prevent issues with spamming the server and keep it from being blacklisted. If you are asked to list another person's server, do not do so.

Server Disputes

Planet Minecraft and the Planet Minecraft Moderation team is not responsible for conduct of any user on any server. Reporting a server for banning you will be ignored and could lead to your reporting privileges being removed.


What is a skin?

A skin is a .png image file used to customize the appearance of the player character in online play and must match the dimensions on the reference skin provided by Mojang. High-resolution skins are not supported on Planet Minecraft and cannot be posted.

Part Picking

Part picking is the act of creating a skin by copying portions of another skin that was created by someone else. This action goes against the rule regarding original content and overrides the rules on modified content, which is never allowed in the skin section. Content created using part picking will be deleted.

Banned Skinning Programs

There are a number of tools used to create Minecraft skins that are not allowed to be used to create skins submitted to Planet Minecraft because they violate the rules on part picking and provide libraries of parts to use, many taken from popular skins without the original creator's consent. The Global Ban list for skinning tools is given below, though the list does not show all tools that are not allowed.
  • Newground's SkinCraft
  • SkinEdit skin creator
  • MinersNeedCoolShoes Armoury
  • The SkinDex skin editor
  • NovaSkin skin creator
  • skin editor
  • SkinsProCreator (iOS platform)

Acceptable Skinning Programs

Many skins are created by hand using normal drawing tools such as Paint.NET, GIMP, Photoshop, and other image editing tools. There are also a few tools specifically designed to be used to create Minecraft skins, including MCSkin3D by Paril. If you have a question about whether a skin making program is allowed, please contact a Site Moderator.

Spam Skins

There are a number of different types of skins that are considered spam on Planet Minecraft. These skins will be removed when found and the poster banned according to the banning guidelines. These skins include all single color, flat, scribble, or outline skins. If you are not sure if your skin counts as spam, please contact a Site Moderator.

Recolored or Modified Skins

Sometimes, a skinner will create several different variations of a skin, perhaps to show a character on several different teams or with several different color styles. This includes, but is not limited to, removing a small portion of skin, adding a piece of clothing or equipment, changing a shirt, and any similar practice. All skins that are created this way must be posted under the same submission, and any skins found breaking this rule will be disabled so that the author can move the skin to a primary submission before being deleted. To add variations on your skin, load the skin variations to an image sharing program and place the links to those skins in your description.

Skin Transparency

Minecraft does not support transparency of any kind on any portion of the base player model and will render transparent portions of the skin as black. This does not include the hat layer which does function with transparency and is transparent in the base skin. Alpha level transparency is not supported in any form within a skin, the alpha levels must be all or nothing. Skins that are submitted with transparent portions on the main template or colored to match the background of the skin previewer will be deleted or blocked.

Resource Packs

What is a Resource Pack?

Resource Packs, called texture packs prior to Minecraft 1.6, are files that change the look and sound of Minecraft. These resource packs can change character and mob skins, block textures, item sprites, particles, sounds, and more.

Resource Pack Minimum Requirements

Resource Packs that are submitted to Planet Minecraft must meet certain minimum guidelines or they will be disabled or removed. Generally speaking, a significant portion of one of the primary areas that a resource pack covers must be changed before you are allowed to submit the pack. These areas include blocks, items, sounds, and the user interface. While not absolute, a general guideline for resource packs is that they must change at least half of all blocks or items, all user interface elements, or a significant amount sounds to be posted. It must be clear that time and effort was put into the pack. If you are unsure about whether your resource pack meets the allowed guidelines, please contact a Site Moderator.
Resource packs also require in-game screenshots of the pack to show members what you have created.

What about old Texture Packs?

The old Texture Pack format is still accepted on Planet Minecraft, however we recommend that any texture packs that were created prior to the resource pack format be converted if they are updated. Please note that Minecraft versions 1.6 and higher are not able to use the old Texture Pack formats at all. To unstitch and convert normal texture packs created prior to Minecraft 1.5, please use the official tool located here. For HD texture packs or those using old block animations through MCPatcher or Optifine, please use the officially sanctioned alternative here. Once the texture pack has been unstitched, convert the textures to a resource pack using the Minecraft Texture Ender, which is located here.


Resource packs that are posted to Planet Minecraft are not allowed to contain any 'placeholder' files. This is generally template files for item or block images, or sounds, usually from the base resources or another resource pack. With the current resource pack format, Minecraft will provide any resources that are not included in the pack using the default resources, which means that there is no reason to include placeholder files.

Disallowed Resources

There are certain kinds of resource packs that are not allowed on Planet Minecraft. These resource packs include but are not limited to:
  • Transparent block texture
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