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Coming Back to PMC

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avatar Goalieguy13
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As most of you may know. I've lost a lot of activity in PMC. I haven't made a new submission in. . . forever I think. So I feel like I should come back, but with a bang. I know I don't have a lot of fans with me here on PMC but with the ones that do enjoy my work - even though it's not the best - I ask of you a favor. I am considering doing a skin series, but over what? I don't know what I should make skin wise. That's where you come in. I could use some ideas, then with some time, concentration, and frustration, I will produce and finish the series. There are many ideas you can post down below of what you want to see. I just need something that I can do. I feel as if I've neglected people by not making a new skin. Anything helps, and feel free to post whatever below. Though be warned I got a good friend who's a site mod. Trolling and Hating on others is frowned upon, so please don't do it in the comments. Picture link is in the "Additional Credit" area below.

Favorite Diamond and Subscribe Please :)
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