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juicy_orange's Avatar juicy_orange
Level 52 : Grandmaster Pony
blogpostbyjopngHi guys, Orange here with another blog :3 Today, I'm going to post a few ideas I've had about commenting on PMC :3
1) Disabling comments:
Say you post something, a bullying blog for example. Now, because some people are mean and not nice, some people decide to post horrible things telling you to stop whining on a minecraft website and just punch them in the face it's not that bad. They might call you a wimp or something because they don't know how hard it is. This makes you feel sad. You just wish they'd stop commenting. You can't blog everyone though, can you?!
With my idea, there would be a checkbox like the "publish live" one when editing your submission. If you know your submission will cause a lot of heat, or for any reason you don't want people commenting, you could uncheck the box and commenting will be disabled! Obviously, mods would be able to comment even if commenting was disabled though.
2) Comment likes/diamonds:
Just like on YouTube or facebook, if you agreed with a comment, you could diamond the comment. There could be a few buttons at the top of the comments which order the comments - this is another idea and will be explained later - and one button would be a "comment diamonds" button. Clicking this would order the comments in most diamonded to least diamonded order. There could also be a "top comments" section, like on youtube, which would work similarly to the what's hot list; the comment would need a certain amount of diamonds in a certain time to get a "top comment".
3) Comment dislikes:
Simple one really, like on youtube, as well as upvoting a comment, if it was mean or spam, you could downvote it. Or maybe even a comment "flag". When a comment is flagged, the member who's submission has a flagged comment on would be notified and could remove the flagged comment.
4) Comment order:
There would be a series of icons at the top of the comments which would allow you to order the comments. So you could order them in newest to oldest, oldest to newest, most diamonded to least diamonded and vice versa, etc.
5) Profile pictures on comments
Thanks to NuclearBanana for this idea :3 It's just an aesthetic one really, but it does look nice and I like the idea :3 Basically, when you comment, a bit like on Youtube now, it'd show the member's profile picture. It looks nice, and I don't know about you but I usually forget people's names so it'd be good to remind you who someone was. Not that that really matters xD But yeah, I agree with Banana, it's a cute idea :3
Thanks for reading >w<
CreditNuclearBanana for idea 5 + the picture c:

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Update #1 : by juicy_orange 11/05/2012 4:30:07 pmNov 5th, 2012

Added NuclearBanana's idea of profile pictures being shown with comments :3

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10/09/2018 12:03 pm
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04/02/2018 11:27 pm
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02/28/2014 12:00 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Programmer
NuclearBanana's Avatar
Hahahaha, the PMC added my comment idea :))
11/20/2012 11:46 am
Level 90 : Overlord Modder
MightyPork's Avatar
I'm so glad that you added the NuclearBananas idea
11/15/2012 6:06 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Skinner
solemnote's Avatar
No no no no no! The comment liking should be called "Emeralding"
11/08/2012 4:06 pm
Level 21 : Expert Network
DEADname_UNREAL's Avatar
I agree! I love this idea! *Le presses like button on his comment*
11/06/2012 8:42 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
Mattp716's Avatar
Another great blog! I agree with every idea. Cyprezz diamonded and favourited this!
11/05/2012 4:59 pm
Level 77 : Legendary Snark
Aximili's Avatar
You have to do something. PM Paril, Cyprezz, and every moderator you can remember on the website to notify them about this system. I would love to see my profile pic on every comment I make.
11/05/2012 5:09 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Pony
juicy_orange's Avatar
Cyprezz has favourited it :3
11/06/2012 9:38 am
Level 77 : Legendary Snark
Aximili's Avatar
Epic! Let's hope anything happens about it.
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