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Crazy Step Mom!

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Crazy Step Mom! - 07/05/16
First, I would like to apologize because I haven't been active here for a while! :( Now, enjoy this story I made.

Hello, my name is Gabe. I am 14 years old and I am going into the 9th grade. I am not really popular and I am bony (not muscular xD). I'm one of those kids in the back who is shy and never speaks to anyone. I just wanted to tell you my appearance, so you would understand why I didn't react as how you guys reacted. Now, my dad works week nights and I am usually home alone. My mom died after I was born so it was usually just me, my dad, and my new step mom. My step mom was different. I mean, my father is very cool and has many friends, while my step mom didn't have any friends and would never talk to me only my dad. Why this is weird, is because my father would make her watch me and you already get why. She would make me dinner then speed walk to the room. Me being a curious little kid, decided to finally stop ignoring her and talk to her. One of the most stupidest mistakes ever. I see her with a gun that I can now identify as .44 magnum. Now, I quietly shut the door and left the room. The next day, I tell my father about the incident. He told me
to brush it off and just forget about it. I did the most retarded thing ever and asked her what she was doing with the gun yesterday. She just glanced at me for a whole minute. I swear she was super serious and staring down my eyes expecting to read my mind or something. Then she whispers, "You didn't tell your father correct?". I told her I did like a dumb kid would do. She smiles and goes to her room. Weeks came and she just full on ignores me. Then, one night I go to bed. I swear I could hear something in my bed rustling under there. I'm not a scared person, so I peaked my head under the bed. It was my step mom. She had the gun and said she would should shoot me
if I screamed. I panicked and obeyed her. She then rushed me to her car. Finally, I am smart and scream off the top of my lungs "HELP HELP THIS CRAZY PERSON IS TRYING TO KILL ME!!" My prayer worked because my neighbors came out with rifles and pointed it at my step mom. I am glad I survived and my father was crying begging for me to forgive him. I ended up doing so, and I was on the local tv station. Lesson: Never be as stupid as me and do what I did..

Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

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