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This is something that i have wanted to be in MC for a long time. This is just a thought and hope it does got through to Mojang and that they will add it into it. So here i go.

The Content:
Since you could breed animals in minecraft i had the idea of being able to crossbreed animals. As an example you could crossbreed a Cow and i pig to make a Cow-Pig. Crossbreeding has multiple benefits such as have a higher food content. In other words it means that it will heal more hunger that regular meat like steak and pork chops. In addition i could also drop more food. Cross breeding wouldn't be as simple as right clicking on different animals with wheat. You would have to get eggs, an Upgraded crafting table, Incubator, Analyzer and a gene gun. In order to Crossbreed you would need to extract DNA from the animal by right clicking on it. Then the Gene gun would become a filled Gene Gun. Next you will combine the filled gene fun with the egg to create a Unknown egg. You use the analyser on the unknown egg and it will tell you what kind of crossbreed it will be. This step is not essential but it would be a cool thing to have. you combine the Unknown egg or tagged egg in an incubator and wait a minecraft week and the egg would became a matured egg. Right click the egg on the ground and the crossbreed animal will appear in front of you as a baby.

In conclusion i think that this would be an awesome addition in minecraft.

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