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avatar HeyItsDom
Level 9 : Apprentice Toast
Heyo guys this is my new blog that will showcase some of my art. Most if this art is on my instagram @domesticatedart note that im only an adolescent and am still developing my skills at art so advice will be helpful. Ill also be doing TOTD (tip of the day) with tips on how to improve art.

TOTD: When shading start with a base color that has multiple hues then go on from light to dark. If starting with a dark color only shad in the areas that need that specific dark color then make your way from dark to light.

TOTD: For me with hair using simple lines then adding more streaks and lots of detail and adding highlights in points of the hair that most likely needs them adds a bigger effect that your character is not just dull and plain.

TOTD: When doing digital art make layers for each step: Higlights, Hair,skin,Clothing,eyes and a background. Making a background can bring out a picture making it better and a little professional looking.

TOTD: Use references on things you dont know how to draw. If needed give ask permission from artists to use their art as a reference. Nobody is perfect at art not even the best artists

dom & Phoebe Meeting

phoebe digital

New Oc Phoebe

A doodle i did before going to bed.


Chara And Omega Flowey

07/18/2016 7:11 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Mage
"trashy"... you sure O_o Looks great to me ^_^
07/18/2016 10:16 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Toast
aw thanks its just i just want to get wayyyyyyyyyy better but thanks 0w0
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