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Easy Minecraft Mod Installation!

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Easy Step by Step Mod Installation

by ustatennis

Hi there! The reason I am posting this blog is to be a help to all of you that have had trouble setting up minecraft modifications (Like Me :P). So lets get to the point. Here is a step by step tutorial that helped me to install mods such as: zombe's fly mod, too many items, optifine, mo' creatures, and much more!

1. Go to Library<Application Support<Minecraft<Bin.

If you have a rather new mac, then click the desktop, then up in your top left corner click "Go." Hold the Option button and you will see Library. Click on that.

2. Find your file Minecraft.jar. Right click it then click open with, archieve utility. It should make a folder named minecraft. If it does not, go to app store and get "The Unarchiever." Right click it then click open with, the unarchiever. Delete the minecraft.jar and rename the folder minecraft.jar.

3. Drag all of the .class files into the minecraft.jar folder.

4. Run Minecraft

5. Enjoy your new plugin!!!


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