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Thank you for checking out this blog post! I have 4 more videos I need to upload to planet minecraft and then whatever I post in the mean time, so stayed tuned for better and nicer videos!

I am trying to diversify where my videos are shown to people, such as branching out to twitch, discord servers, and even planet minecraft for my minecraft related content! I think it is a great way to meet other people like me that I could eventually collaborate with or just have as friends :)

I am currently on a goal of trying to get YouTube Partner within the next year and this is how it is going right now!

Current Sub Count: 761 :o
Current hours watched in the past 12 months: 520

Required for partner on YT: 1000 subs, 4000 hours watched in the past 12 months

UniverseSMP is a whitelisted server where many people with same goals in mind or just want to have fun and grow creatively are! Currently we are on season 1 and applications are closed, however once season 2 opens I will be taking applications again from the application video and maybe posting another one if I do need more people!
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