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Factions Tutorial

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Level 52 : Grandmaster Dragonborn

Factions are a way of protecting the land you build from griefers, or raiders. Servers with the Factions plugin, are usually hardcore php servers, where the goal is to raid, steal and grief your way to the top.


Claiming land is the most important thing when keeping away raiders. When you claim land, it means that no-one apart from the people in your faction, can build, destroy or use blocks. To claim land for your faction do /f claim over the place you are claiming. When you claim the land it will claim the chunk you are standing on, so it may take so time to claim your base.


Power and claiming go hand in hand. You can only claim land if you have sufficient power. When your power becomes smaller then the amount of claimed land in your faction, other factions can claim your land. To gain power you must try not to die. Every time you die, your power will decrease, on some servers it goes down by 4 while on other it goes down by 1 or 2. The maximum amount of power you can have is usually 10 but sometimes is 5, or 15 or even 20. For every five minutes that you stay alive you get 2 power. This equals out at 25mins=10power.

Allies and Enemies

Allies and Enemies are a key part in making a good faction. Nooby factions enemy everyone, while strong ones create friendships with other factions. An allied faction can't kill you and can use teleports inside your territory, while enemied factions can kill you inside your territory but can't teleport away when inside your territory. To ally a faction do /f ally (their faction) if they accept they will type /f ally (your faction). You can only become allies when both factions want to be allies. To enemy a faction type /f enemy (their faction), only you have to type that and you will become enemies. All factions default setting is neutral, when factions are neutral you can't kill them in their terriotry and visa versa, and you can't teleport out. To neutral a faction type /f neutral (their name), they have to type /f neutral (your faction) before you are neutral.


Now comes my favourite part of the Factions plugin, raiding. There are loads of different ways to raid. Lots of Youtube videos can be found on this subject. I myself will be making a blog on raiding tips. Anyways, to be a good raider you must be smart and quick. Another good raiding tool, which I myself use, is to have a computer which is about 2 years old. This means it won't be as fast as the server and can be useful when breaking in to other's bases. I won't tell you anymore about raiding, so if you want to know more just look at my other blog, which should be up within 20 mins of this going up. :D

Other Useful Commands

/f create (name)-creates the faction

/f desc (description)-write the factions description or cool sayings

/f invite (name)-invites people to your faction

/f mod (name)-mod someone in the faction so they can claim land, ally factions and other stuff

/f admin (name)-change leadership of the faction

/f kick (name)-kick someone from the faction

i hope this helped you with your faction problems ;)

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01/08/2015 2:00 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Skinner
Skywarrior198 avatar
This is really cool,man! I've been looking for a way to create a faction for a long time and protect my stuff. Thanks!
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