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There are many Minecraft servers out in the world today. I have taken the liberty in checking out many servers to see which I enjoyed the most. There are many types of game modes in Minecraft (factions, hunger games, hide and seek, etc.). I will list a few of my top servers containing these game modes that have a great community and leader ship. I will explain the servers and what they will bring to you in the most depth explanation I can provide. In no particular order here are my favorites.

NOTE: All IP's will be at the end of the blog.


RedWarfare is a brand new mini-games server that provides great and unique mini-games! Unlike some mini-game servers you do not find the usual Hunger Games or Hide-And-Go-Seek, but Search and Destroy from COD (Call of Duty). There are no guns like in mcwar, but it still makes the experience pleasurable and enjoyable. This server is updated constantly for great game play. The community is great and the owner is amazing (libraryadict). This server has a global money system. Which means if you win a game in Search and Destroy and get your credits, the credits you earn in that game will work for any other mini-games. It is a brand new so suspect a bit of lag and bugs here and there, but libraryaddict is working top notch everyday to get it fixed. Overall this server is awesome you should really go check it out and see how much fun it is.


WrathPvP is a amazing factions pvp with shops and ranks that provide you with hours of game play. The community is great as well as the owners. There is a job system which means when you mine, break grass, chop trees, etc. you will gain xp and get higher mining experience which gives you special abilities that you can use. Since this server has been around quite a bit I saw many really over powered factions, so you might want to get a really trusted friend on that server. There shop is clean easy to use. There spawn is beautiful and easy to get around. Overall this is one of my favorite Faction servers.


PvPitUP is by far in my opinion one of the best hunger games servers. The games are easy to get into because of the dedicated hub. Now it is a bit lagy in the main hub, but once you go through a portal into a game the lag stops. The only bad problem I have with this server is the over powered chests. You can find diamond armor and iron swords in chests. Although there are not many people who are really good on this server so, easy kills. There are points and it is probably my favorite.

IP's and Websites-


  • Website: Here

  • IP: play.redwarfare.com
  • Website: Here
  • IP: play.wrathpvp.com
  • Website: Here
  • IP: pvpitup.com

Thank you guys for reading I hope this helped you out!

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