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Inactive_'s Avatar Inactive_
Level 34 : Artisan Network

I came across a small village. Abandoned. First houses I've seen since the catastrophe.
I found a working camcorder plus a pencil and notebook.

Out of supplies.
Need - Food

My grandfather once told me the foundation for survival is wood.
Everything starts with wood.                                                                 (Grandfather also had a sense of humor... kinda)
He was smart and taught me many things.

Will leave this here for others lost.

01)  Wood -> Planks -> Crafting Table
        Wood -> Planks -> Sticks
02)  Sticks + Coal -> Torches
03)  Wood < Stone < Iron < Gold < Diamond
                                                                                               Crafting Table              *Storage/furnaces are made
- Work in 3x3 confinements                                                      _____                      by surrounding empty space*

- Craft objects by materials and appearance               undefined                       undefined    Storage - Planks
                                                                                                                                                                                    Furnace - Stone
- Make backups


I've lost track of the days. Hungry. Hallucinating, maybe.
I don't seem like myself in my reflection. When I was younger,
my favorite animal was a bird and that's all I can see now. I'm
also hearing strange noises. Roamers are near, even during the day.

                                     "Your imagination is endless, stripped of flesh and born to explode,
                                                                                                                             the darker it gets, the farther you'll go." something my grandfather used to tell me. It seemed meaningless,
til now. I went into caves and found/collected iron and coal.
I also made torches to light the way. I got attacked by a spider, roamer
and exploding creature. Real... seemed real. Finally, I collected some
meat on the way back. Survived.



I lived through the first night.
I've gotta gather as much as possible
as well as put this village to use.


                 Wheat ---- Bread
                 ___/ \___  Cows___ Breeding
                  Carrots ¯¯¯¯\
                  Potatoes ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Food

- Always plant on fertilized dirt

- Cook iron (ores) in furnaces using coal

- Fence in cattle


I'm starting to make iron equipment. I've also taken the
fields to plant and harvest wheat, carrots and potatoes. Cattle
has been fenced-in to breed and collect meat/leather. Supplies
I gather will be used to find diamond. Life will be easier then.

There's no time to waste, so I'll get to a cave as soon as it's dawn.



I was in that cave for a day and a half,
but it was worth it.


<- Entrance

              |                                 Diamond
              |                                       vv
              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|            |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|           |¯¯¯¯¯¯
                                    ¯¯¯¯¯                  ¯¯¯¯¯
                                         ^                            ^
                                     Lava                     Lava

- You won't always find diamond

- Diamond is found near deep-seated lava

- Come prepared with material/equipment that is replaceable and abundant


I lost track of time while in the cave. All I saw for a while was
pitch black, stone and lava. Hard work pays off sometimes, which is
why I'm glad I endured. I now have a diamond sword and pickaxe as well
as leather pants.

I've continued harvesting and surviving at night. Part of the farm
was destroyed, but I've temporarily fixed it. Hallucinating or not, I
saw and killed a skeleton holding a bow. My grandfather's words are
starting to make more sense everyday. I've learned to keep it together
as well as hold my own these past few days. My family and friends
would be proud of me, I'm sure of it.

**Sidenote** The camera's been acting weird lately.
When I stop recording, the static seems different.



These past few days have been testing my patience. It's been a constant task
of collecting and withstanding to stay alive, just as the first few days have been,
which is why I didn't document any of it. Sometimes having time to myselft is
relieving and a good way to clear my mind.

Aside from that, I found out what was messing with the camera.

    [x]                /PEARL\
| ¯[  ]¯ |    ->    |   ' |¯|    |    ->    Teleportation
|   |¯|   |             |    |_|,   |
    |  |                  \_____/

- Passive unless you make eye contact

- Are weak to water

- There's another world


It rained heavily. It's horrible for the camera and audio quality, so there
wasn't much to log. I waited til night to start recording and came across
something other-worldly


| ¯[  ]¯ | 

|   |¯|   | 

    |  | 

There's no doubt in mind this is why the camera has been acting weird. If
you come across these creatures, walk the other way. Fight if you must, but
when dead, they leave behind dark teal pearls that when thrown, will transport
you to the area the pearl lands. This has lead me to believe that there's
another world we cannot see.

                                     "Do not underestimate the potential of water and lava.
                                                                          Apart they are elements, but together, they make more than we can see."

I'm not sure what I believe anymore, but the only thing I can do is keep an open
mind and survive. I have enough supplies to potentially keep me alive for a long
time, and for once, I'm not worried about my future. That said, time is of the
essence and nothing is going to stop me from figuring out what lies beyond this world.
Tonight, I begin.



Surviving is living nowadays.
Everything you see and read may not make sense,
but this is only here to help.


4 wide x 5 tall
 _ _ _ _
|_|      |_|
|_|      |_|
|_|_ _|_|

- Make an iron bucket and collect water

- Pouring water over lava will create obsidian

- Mine obsidian using a diamond pickaxe


Going into a cave is no longer a fear of mine. I was able to mine,
collect, smelt and make an iron bucket outside of the village in
peace for once. Despite that, I did not want to spend more time
down there than I had to, so I scooped some water, poured it on lava,
mined some obsidian and headed back to the village.

I remember seeing the image above as a child and it being related to
"portal". It was just one of many things good 'ol grandpa kept around
his house. Presented with everything I knew and had, I was sure that
this would get me to what I was looking for... and sure enough, it did.

As I write this, I am back at the village and doing my best to explain
what I did and what I am about to describe. I believe in the power of
myself and nothing else, but after seeing what was beyond that portal,
there's things that should never be released onto what our world is today,
as horrendous as it is.

It was pitch black, aside from the lava falling from the ceiling of this
open cave and random patches of fire. The ground wasn't stable yet there
seemed to be structures and buildings in this place. You will see darkened
skeletons, deformed creatures, flying monsters of 2 kind and small magma
animals. The most important thing is to NOT disturb them. Most will not
fight back unless provoked... but if you must, fight to defend yourself.

/'     ,\    -    Yellow Dust

 _ _
|_|_|    -    Form a piece by putting 4 stacks of dust together

As horrid as this place might sound, there were these glowing stalactite formations
hanging from the ceiling that looked absolutely beautiful. Luckily I found one
on ground level and broke a piece of it off and collected a handful of yellow
dust. If you want these as a full piece, craft them by putting them in a 2x2
space. I gathered a few to use as torch replacments, in case I run out.

I could write a book about my experience, but my life is on the line and I have nowhere else to go.
This is for anyone who is willing to live. I cannot make that decision for you or anyone else.
I've gathered all I can hold and moved on to who knows where and have begun living
the rest of my life in peace.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
                                                                     Just survive somehow.

Inside The Project!
First of all, I want to thank all of the support I've gotten over the past week this has been out, thank you so much for giving me a chance in the contest.
Some (including me sometimes) don't think that their opinion or vote counts on things like this, but they really do.

All right, now for the explaining!

A project like this didn't develop over night, it did take some time. I recorded about 2 hours and 10 minutes worth of vanilla gameplay and I developed the writing/ASC ll art/music and sounds around what I actually did in the gameplay.

From the 1st video (DAY 1), screen capped after he made the workbench and is heading back to base.

The video editing took awhile. 2 hours-ish of gameplay, wittled down to five 2-5 minute long videos. I wanted to get straight to the point, so there wasa lot of cutting.
I edited/rendered in Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 and created a lot of the video distortion, visuals and effects in Vegas and a little in SONAR X3 Producer.
SONAR is primarily a music editing software, a DAW (digital audio workspace), but it did help me to mess with some of video distortion.

Over the course of a week (about), I edited and rendered each video.

From the 4th video (DAY 7), screen capped after spotting the Enderman and fighting him.

From the 5th and final video (NIGHT 7-??), screen capped once in the nether and looking out from a fortress.

The music was all made using Reason 8 from Propellerhead. Reason 8 is another DAW for creating and editing music and audio.


I made about 4-5 songs that weave their way in and out of the footage, following the first person's view and actions in the video.
The music didn't take as long as the video editing did because I'm a musician and have been since I was 11 roughly (I'm much older now, but I ain't tellin' NO ONE my age ;P).



Hopefully this was an insight into this project, and I can add in anything else I missed if anyone wants to know about it.
Thank you again for supporting this entry. It really does mean a lot to me!

(EDIT (1/12/2016): I will be continuing the story with more video, music and added animation very shortly!

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I bet there was so much hard work put into this. and it turned out FABULOUS
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There was!! And thank you so much Jacqui, prob the project I'm most proud of so far ~<3
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You deserved first or second tho xD
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Danks! Lol I'm so glad you liked it tho pika :D I had like so much fun making this I'm sort of glad this contest happened regardless of prizes and stuff xD
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